‘In Search of Center’ Now Available

in search of center My new book In Search of Center is now available directly from the publisher with release to the online retailers following shortly.

This project is another collection of thoughts. My thoughts. Thoughts on triathlon. Thoughts on life. Thoughts on cancer and thoughts on people. All of these pieces have previously appeared somewhere over the last couple of years. Some were written for other publications, and some simply personal blog entries.

These are assorted musings that celebrate, contemplate, and even mourn. Included in here as well are tributes to friends lost like Derek Valentino, Brad Schoener, Caroline Gallagher Cranston, Ed Collins, Barb Janz, and Norm Brown.

Thank you to Ethan Zohn for his involvement in writing the book’s foreword. Thanks also to Shep Messing, a long time goalkeeping idol of mine who provided a very nice message which I included in the beginning of the book.

I also want to thank Scott Tinley, Dave Scott, and Vicki Huber-Rudawsky for allowing me to rope them into this. I appreciate their open and genuine comments. ST, thanks for providing the inspiration for the book’s title as well.

This is just another chance for me to do – something. I may not have the deepest pockets and may not always be able to make the monetary contributions that I would like to, but I can use what I have and what I do to help contribute.

A portion of the proceeds of all sales will go to Ethan Zohn’s charity, Grassroot Soccer.

“Stephen Brown writes with equal parts thoughtful muse and devil-may-care prose. Perhaps born of his own life challenges, he doesn’t swoon his readers as much as he shakes their own foundations of belief about what sport is and what it isn’t. In a world of slick, market-driven writers, Brown writes for the best of all reasons—because it helps him to understand a confusing time and place. If you’re looking for careful, exacting narratives, you won’t find them here. But if you want a view of one man’s successful struggle to elevate his life through physical culture, you’ve come to the right place” –

Scott Tinley, author of “Racing the Sunset: An Athlete’s Quest for Life after Sport”

“Steve Brown is a survivor. This insight and passion for health covers the physical, psychological and emotional barriers that everyone has run up against. He’s overcome incredible adversity and always has a positive twist with infectious enthusiasm. I’ve seen Steve at many Team In Training functions and he has an uncanny ability to keep his message real, laced with humor and always ending on an upbeat note. As a cancer survivor Steve shares his incredible wealth of discovery and knowledge in his book “In Search of Center”

Dave Scott Six-Time Ironman World Champion, Coach, & Author

In Search of Center
…ramblings on life and sport

Written by Stephen Brown
Foreword by Ethan Zohn
Copyright 2010 Stephen Sinclair Brown
All rights reserved
ISBN 978-0-557-69644-4

Print – $14.95
Download – $9.99
Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

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    I read the book. It’s a mind bender.

    I’m jealous of you. You have an incredible ability to put your thoughts into living, breathing words so that they reach hundreds, thousands and hopefully more. How therapeutic that must be? You mentioned that you are a blessed man and I believe you are. You are making a difference.

    I made connection after connection reading through (and over) In Search of Center. It reminds me of a simliar book by Scott Tinley, “Finding the Wheels Hub.” Back when I was a newbie I went to the local library and checked out every book written on the sport. I was immersed in something that I could finally sink my teeth into and get a result…without a ref or an umpire. I especially enjoyed the breakdown of the “triathlete” in general. How different we are, how unassuming, how infectiously motivating we can be to those around us. It’s why I got involved with the sport in the first place. I have so much more to say, but lack the STEPHEN BROWN ability to say it.

    I believe all of us have found our ‘chocolate’ in this lifestyle. I’m sure you would agree.

    Looking forward to seeing you in and around.

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