Thanks Dad

We had an amazing Father’s Day picnic yesterday at your park with everything from badminton to kickball to whiffle ball to Pica’s pizza. Our family is growing. You would be proud. Really proud. I sure am and the older I get the more I realize that there aren’t too many differences between you and I. I hope you got a few of the messages I was sending you yesterday. In case you missed them …

Thanks ….

For  teaching me both strength and compassion

For showing me what family first means

For setting a quiet example when you didn’t even know you were

For always believing in me & everything I did

For catches on the front lawn

For coming to every game I ever played

For giving me enough rope to figure it out for myself

For always being there when I didn’t quite figure it out right

For showing me how to take time to just “be”

For long wondering walks around the old neighborhood

For building that backstop and those benches and silkscreen all those shirts as you and the other dads built the old Ardmore baseball league with sweat, blisters, and passion

For showing me how to be a Phillies and Eagles fan

For a  perfect childhood which paved the way for a continued charmed and blessed life

Thanks for you, Dad

I love you

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More Flyers Charity Classic News

I wanted to share this nice article that was just posted on the Flyers Alumni Association site(s) regarding the Charity Classic and our Chico’s  Vibe team Band on the Run!

Check it out HERE!

Also, our team fundraising page can be found HERE!

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Chico’s Vibe & Flyers Charity Classic

Come join your Chico’s Vibe friends for an unforgettable day of fun and giving back.

The Toyota Flyers Charity Classic is a city-wide event incorporating a 5k walk/run through the Philadelphia Navy Yard, a 10-mile family bike ride through the Navy Yard and FDR Park, and two bike rides – a 50K and a 100K.

In addition to the Classic, families of participants and fans, alike will enjoy the Flyers Fan Fest, a fun, family-friendly outdoor celebration to enjoy throughout the day. All proceeds benefit Flyers Charities and the Flyers Alumni Association and the various non-profit organizations they support throughout the Greater Philadelphia region.

A guaranteed epic finish line after party with the music of Chico’s Vibe!

Be sure to join the Chico’s Vibe team name “Band on the Run” to be one of the cool kids when you register for any of the events. Sign up and share with your friends. Reach out to me at with any team questions as I am co-captaining this initiative with Chico’s Vibe sax man John Parkinson. Register TODAY!

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I thought I had a “bad” day the other day at work. I walked to my car to go home feeling a little sorry for myself but glad the work day had ended as I tried to shake it all off. As I walked  I heard a familiar voice call out to me. “Good afternoon young man. How was your day?” The voice came from a local homeless guy who I see frequently in Wilmington. I often stop to talk with “Doc” and sometimes slip him a few bucks. My immediate internal response to his question was “well, my day kind of sucked actually!” But I realized who I was talking to so I quickly dialed that response back in. Given my delay in responding Doc assumed I hadn’t heard the question so he asked again… “Good afternoon young man. How was your day?”

Finally after another long pause I said, “Doc, tomorrow is going to be a better day. I can feel it in my bones”.

And Doc quickly responded with “Of course it is!! God bless you young man!”

You never know where life’s next lesson may come from or who may be your next teacher or therapist. Keep yours eyes and heart open.

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Homeward Bound

alefty1Many of you have been following the journey of my brother in law Lefty-David Snyder since March 4th when he suffered a brain aneurysm. We are extremely happy to let you know that this walking miracle walked his way right out of rehab and into his own home last week. While there is still a long road ahead, the miles that have already been traveled and the hurdles that have already been overcome are beyond comprehension. Thanks for everyone’s support and well wishes. Hope to see you at his benefit on 6/22.


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Power Your Life Talk Radio Guest

More details coming as we get closer. But mark your calendars for Wednesday June 20th at 12 noon EST and try to be near your computer/phone/tablet/device of choice. I’ll be a guest on Dr. Jo Anne White’s talk radio show Power Your Life. The show is live and streamed simultaneously. The format of the show is conversational and also airs on these media outlets: iTunes, PlayerFM, Stitcher, PostcastLand, Tunein, Podcastpedia. Stay tuned!

power your life

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2018 Broad Street Run & Clean Bill!

bsr steveLast weekend I ran in my 11th or 12th Philadelphia Broad Street 10-Miler. What a fantastic race and one of my all time favorites. While my finishing time was a far cry from my 1:18 PR on that course, I ran strong and had a complete blast. There were a few things that made this year a little extra special. For one, my daughter Danielle also ran this year. That was pretty cool because both of my daughters have been at several Broad Street races to cheer me on. So having her race with me was the best.

Second, my other daughter Jennifer’s husband Phil also ran this year! And Jennifer was there to cheer us all on. So watching Broad Street evolve with the next generation is quite special.

And the last reason that this year was extra awesome was the fact that I had my oncology check up two days before the race. And my blood work, markers, and indicators were all spot on perfect. What a great day!

bsr steve phil jenniferbsr steve nellie katie

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Speaking at National Cancer Survivors Day

If you are Philly local, or want to be for a few hours, come check out what will be an amazing day of celebration. I’ll also be giving away a bunch of copies of my book Relentless Mettle; My Cancer, My Rules at this event. I’d also like to mention that the event organizers asked me if I wanted a table to sell books but I wanted Survivors Day to be a true celebration and not about anyone making money. So I opted to just give a bunch away. And in that vein, I also opted to donate my speaking fee back to the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center into their Quality of Life Fund, a fund which helps defray medical expenses of those going through treatment. So this is a 100% free day of celebration on all fronts. Come join us.

cancer survivors day at sidney kimmel pr

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RRCA Run Coaching Certification

Version 2I forgot to mention that I recently obtained an additional coaching certification. Last month I attended a two-day training and passed the 100 question exam to become a Road Runners Club of American Certified Run Coach. I can’t say that I learned anything that I hadn’t heard before but it’s always good to reinforce knowledge and bounce things off of like-minded individuals. Plus, as run coach certifications go, this is pretty much the creme de la creme so I’m excited to have it. My RRCA Coach profile can be found HERE.

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Sport Sunglass Product Review – Prowler by AMO

AMOProwlerAs a long time multisport junkie and triathlon coach who has been through my fair share of sport sunglasses over the years, I was very eager to road test a pair of Prowlers in AMO’s (Advanced Multisport Optics) Transformer series. I chose the Prowler for their versatility and adaptability for use on both the bike and run. I have a narrow face and frequent an aero riding position on my bike. So, finding the right pair of glasses that provides the coverage I need in all positions without looking like an over-sized pair of ski goggles has always been a challenge for me. I’m happy to report that the Prowlers met and exceeded my expectation. They were comfortable and light weight, they fit well, and they gave me a great unobstructed field of vision in all riding positions. I also wanted a pair of glasses that was easily adjustable and adaptable. Prowler again nailed the mark here. The multiple lens options, and multiple temple arm options can be switched out very easily and both the temple arms and the nose piece are easily adjustable to fit any face. It’s quite clear that AMO does not believe in a “one size fits all” product. All AMO sunglasses exceed American and European standards, provide 100% UV protection, have class 1 optical clarity, are durable, and adjustable to meet anyone’s unique requirements. amosteveAMO’s Trivex NXT lenses utilize the same technology as competitive brands at a much friendly price point. In short, I found a great pair of sunglasses that exceeded all of my needs, including affordability. I’m a convert and a fan. AMO is an up and coming brand with a global following that provides high quality sunglasses and is fighting hard against the mega marketed sports brands. AMO was created by athletes for athletes and are well worth a look. The Transformer Prowler retails for $138. Readers can enter discount code BLOG10 to receive a 10% discount. Visit their website for more

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