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Team & Training Chat with NBC10 Philadelphia

I recently had the pleasure of chatting with NBC10’s Vai Sikahema on my relationship with the TriRock Philadelphia Triathlon as an athlete, a coach, and a survivor. Michael Sneed of title sponsor Johnson & Johnson joined me as well. Here is the link to the segment: NBC10 Philly
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The (Bright) View from the Bottom

What a difference a year makes. I’ve started this post several times in the last few months but just couldn’t find it in me to finish it. For whatever reason, and perhaps it’s all just part of the healing process, I feel like it’s finally the right time to share. I need to get this [...]
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(My) 10 Universal Truths

Everyone has choices. All choices have consequences (choose wisely). Life and everything in it is cyclical (buckle up, hold on, brace yourself and enjoy the ride). Proper perspective + positivity = happiness. The world really can be changed one person at a time. That world is a better place when I am in motion. The size of your footprint is far [...]
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Drafts Before the NFL Draft Talk

On April 23rd, I spoke at a Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Man / Woman of the Year fundraising event in support of my good friend and Woman of the Year Candidate Cathy Peduzzi. The hall was filled with several Philadelphia Eagle players, alumni, coaches, staff, and media. It was a real treat for me to [...]
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Nine Time Tour De France Cyclist and two US Olympian Frankie Andreu will be at Endurance Sports Expo

Frankie Andreu is one of the most successful and popular riders in the sport. Andreu retired from racing at the end of 2000 after a 12-year professional career that included nine Tours de France where he was one of his team’s most selfless performers and reliable workers. In addition, he competed in three Tours of Spain and [...]
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Weekly Fit Tip – Be Careful of Experts

Don’t always believe everything that everyone tells you on the subject of health and fitness. There tends to be many “experts” out there in the world with all kinds of opinions, plans, and routines which may or may not be effective or even safe. Although I applaud their enthusiasm, I take their advice with caution. [...]
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Weekly Fit Tip – We Can All Win

We may all develop and progress at different levels. Don’t let the success of others lessen the significance of yours.  Measure your progress by your standards and not by those of others. We can all win.
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2016 Racing and Events

A number of 2016 events are starting to take shape. Visit the Schedule page for a partial listing. More details to follow.
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Weekly Fit Tip – Go For It

It can be intimidating to start an exercise program when you are surrounded by others who appear more experienced, more fit, and more knowledgeable. It can bring out our insecurities. Don’t let it. I’ve heard people tell me that they are afraid to go workout because they feel self conscious when they do. The fact is nobody [...]
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Weekly Fit Tip – Seize the Moment

Take advantage of any opportunity to get the body in motion. You never know when those opportunities may arise. Have a bag packed someplace accessible with the essentials so you can be ready to sneak in a quick workout. Always be prepared. Avoid ever having to say, “If I only had workout clothes with me”.
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