Speak ChaseI’ve has been living with an incurable chronic form of leukemia since 2006. And while I’ve been successful in keeping my disease in remission, it’s taken 54 rounds of chemotherapy, countless rounds of steroid therapy, a commitment to physical exercise and a positive attitude to keep me in a good place. I’ve also been an endurance sports junkie since the mid 1980s and have found very meaningful ways of connecting those two aspects of my life including coaching and mentoring other patients and their families.

I’ve managed to navigate the murky waters that accompany a cancer diagnosis and I share some of the victories and challenges I’ve met along the way in my talks. I also share the impacts my cancer has had on my personal and professional life. The mindset needed to keep my leukemia in check is not much different than the formula for happiness and success in life.

In 2018 our family roles reversed as I became the primary caregiver for my wife who underwent multiple surgeries to repair five brain aneurysms. Perspective changed. With a wife of 33 years, two daughters, and four grandchildren, I like to believe I’m setting a positive example and being the best person and role model I can be.

As a patient, survivor, caregiver, mentor, coach, author, endurance athlete, husband, father, grandfather, and former college and semiprofessional soccer player, I’ve learned lessons, and Speak BMRI’ve got stories to tell. Speaking engagements are tailored to your specific organizational needs. Talks can pull from a variety of personal experiences relating to motivation, endurance sports racing and training, overcoming challenges, facing adversity, the importance of giving back, key life lessons learned and personal leukemia diagnosis, treatment, and survivorship. Contact me for more info and fees.

“My disease has opened more doors than it has closed and created more opportunities than it has taken away”

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