Get the Heck OUT!

I am a huge fan and advocate of sneaking in a workout any time, and any place possible. Thus my motto of “always keep a bag packed”. You never know when you might be able to sneak in a quickie. And quite often, that quickie might be in the gym, the basement, a hotel, etc. Opportunities to “steal” a little fitness are abundant; you just need to keep your eyes open for them.

That being said, this has been one of the mildest springs that I can remember. It is simply gorgeous outside and I hope everyone is taking full advantage of taking your workouts outside every chance you get. You would be amazed at what a little natural vitamin D, along with the sights, smells, and sounds of mother nature and all that she has to offer can do for you mentally, emotionally, as well as physically.

Although my passions evolve around multisport racing, training, and coaching, I spend my normal days working in an office in the financial services industry. My days are filled with the typical stresses that accompany many jobs. And my commute is over an hour each way so that can easily add a little anxiety to my day at times. (Although I am usually pretty good at finding the Zen opportunities in my commute). What saves me is my ability to sneak out for a lunch time run a few days week along the Delaware Riverfront. I make it a point to block off some time on my calendar to do what I love to do. And guess what? It makes me a much more productive, resourceful, resilient, and in turn valuable employee.

I came to the conclusion a long time ago; I am a much happier person when I am in motion.

I organize my thoughts during my runs and find solutions to so many of the things that I thought were “problems” when I was sitting at my desk. By opening my mind and freeing my body for even 30 or 40 minutes, answers and ideas find their way to me more easily. And I return to work rejuvenated and recharged. (And hungry given the fact that I run past some great restaurants during lunch!)

The added beauty of my nooner runs is that I have now added anywhere from 10-20 miles to my weekly training volume. AND I didn’t miss a thing in the process. Family time didn’t suffer, my sleep didn’t suffer, and work didn’t suffer. In fact, everything becomes a little more enriched in the process.

I fully get the fact that not everyone can get out during the day to run. But I would take serious issue with anyone telling me that they can’t find 15-30 minutes at some point in their day to get outside and do a little walking to soak up some nature and energy. If you insist that you don’t have the time, please email me your schedule, and I will happily find the time for you. Trust me, it’s there.

The rewards and dividends that will come as a result will far eclipse the little bit of planning and effort needed on your part.

Simply put, if you take a little time for yourself to get outside and MOVE, you will be happier, healthier, more productive, and generally speaking in a very good place.

Train safe, race smart, and thank the volunteers.

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