I thought I had a “bad” day the other day at work. I walked to my car to go home feeling a little sorry for myself but glad the work day had ended as I tried to shake it all off. As I walked  I heard a familiar voice call out to me. “Good afternoon young man. How was your day?” The voice came from a local homeless guy who I see frequently in Wilmington. I often stop to talk with “Doc” and sometimes slip him a few bucks. My immediate internal response to his question was “well, my day kind of sucked actually!” But I realized who I was talking to so I quickly dialed that response back in. Given my delay in responding Doc assumed I hadn’t heard the question so he asked again… “Good afternoon young man. How was your day?”

Finally after another long pause I said, “Doc, tomorrow is going to be a better day. I can feel it in my bones”.

And Doc quickly responded with “Of course it is!! God bless you young man!”

You never know where life’s next lesson may come from or who may be your next teacher or therapist. Keep yours eyes and heart open.

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