Now You Know

20 random and dumb facts about me. Not that you asked ….. but these popped into my head during my run and a few of them made me chuckle so thought I would share..

1) My cat is named after the periodic element symbol for IRON (fe) As in IRONMAN

2) In the 80’s one of my passions was skydiving

3) I was a Presbyterian, male, business major in a college that was predominately female, catholic, and specialized in education (logical, right ?)

4) If I had my way, bicycles would be the universally accepted and preferred method of commuting

5) I’ll eat almost anything that isn’t moving except for onions and brussell sprouts

6) I thoroughly and wholeheartedly believe that one person can make a difference

7) I can do absolutely NOTHING and still have the time of my life
8) I spent my high school and college summers as a camp counselor. I love kids …. Probably because I never stopped being one

9) I love starting a conversation with a complete stranger

10) I will somehow try to make the most mundane and ridiculous situation funny – even at my own expense

11) Monetary possessions mean nothing to me – and I cannot relate to anyone who flaunts what they have

12) I think I was supposed to play a musical instrument but must have been absent that day for sign ups

13) Friendships are important to me and I still talk to guys I knew in kindergarten

14) I’m not crazy about ladders

15) I am crazy about Marronnes Pizza in Ardmore

16) Yes, I often ran home from chemotherapy treatments

17) I think you can tell a lot about a person in the way they interact with animals

18) I think this society has become so electronic, that some people have completely forgotten how to effectively and properly communicate

19) We need more vacation in this country

20) Too many people are too repressed and walk around their entire lives not saying something to someone that they really want to – and should

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