ECCO Hits the Ground with New Running Shoe

BIOMI recently took an entirely new shoe concept for a test spin. ECCO is a Danish shoe manufacturer and an international leader in comfort shoes and they have launched a bold new running shoe concept with the release of their BIOM. BIOM is based on the philosophy of allowing your foot to move freely in the direction that it was intended.
BIOM uses a classification system that moves away from conventional running shoe categories and is segmented as “Natural Motion”. BIOM orients itself to a runner’s training conditions, running type, and pace and offers three different models for runners ranging from competitive to recreational.

The construction and fit of BIOM concept was based on scanning the feet of 2500 runners. In addition, BIOM is the first shoe in the running industry to use a patented direct-inject technology to seamlessly infuse polyurethane (PU) to bond the shoe’s upper to the midsole providing full-length anatomical foot support. With this new philosophy, the foot is free to move, building muscle and strength for optimal performance.

To further refine their product, ECCO teamed up with Danish triathlete Torbjorn Sindballe to tap into his athletic expertise for the development of the shoe. Sinballe has worked with ECCO to create a training plan to ease consumers into the shoe naturally.

My experience has been nothing short of very positive thus far. Minutes into my first run, two words came to mind; “light” and “quiet”. Finding a running shoe that can make the pounding of a 6’3”, 200 pound frame feel light and quiet is not always easy to come by. There is an adjustment period required to acclimate your foot and body to the design of this shoe which the company explains in great detail in the packaging information.

I found the shoe to offer a very comfortable fit and performed quite well. If you are ready to break out of your conventional shell and try something a little unique, check out the ECCO BIOM.

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    Dear Stephen,

    Thank you for the informative and glowing review of the new and innovative running concept by ECCO called BIOM. BIOM took 2 1/2 years of development by ECCO. The running industry is full of giants & very competitive. It is rewarding for a small Danish company to introduce a new concept, which breaks some of the long on-going paradygms in the industry and to provide runners with an enjoyable experience like you have had.

    We knew we had something when 50 premiere running specialty stores across the country represented the BIOM concept for our March 2009 launch. If any of your readers want to experience BIOM and can’t find it in their local running specialty store, please have them ask their retailer to inquire with us about BIOM. Or, they can go to our website to learn more or purchase a pair of BIOM.

    Please feel free to continue to update me personally on your testing of BIOM and I will be sure to check back in our your site to look for postings.

    Get BIOMized………..

    David Helter
    General Manager
    ECCO Performance

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