Post-Life Survey

You know how you often need to complete a checklist after you have finished using, renting, borrowing, etc something ? And this checklist would basically attest to the condition in which you are returning whatever it is that you used. Well, I’m thinking that a post life survey checklist of some kind might be a good idea. You would need to somehow complete this in your final days of life. These could be answered “YES”, “NO”, with a line for “COMMENTS”. Mine would go something like this:

1). I lived my life to the fullest of my potential.
2). I tried my very best to everyday be kind to those around me.
3). Although I may not have been wealthy, I always found a way to offer something to those with less.
4). I lived my life with the understanding that while our children are our future, our elderly are our history. And both groups need to be nurtured.
5). I may not have been perfect, but I always tried to set positive examples for my family and tried to be the best husband, father, and person that I could.
6). Although I got angry, I tried not to react to too many situations out of anger and chose my words carefully so as to not scar anyone.
7). I loved my animals and treated them as family.
8). I realized that others were as imperfect as I and gave people second chances.
9). I genuinely believed and fostered the idea that in spite of the headlines that you read, there is still good in the world.
10). I believed in me.

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