Who is This?

Here is a quick funny story. If you have raced anywhere in the Mid-Atlantic region, surely you are familiar with the name Rob Vigorito. (A.K.A “Vigo” or “Vig”). Vigo is the long standing USAT Regional President and was the founder and race director extraordinaire for The Columbia Triathlon Association which gave us epic events such as EagleMan, Columbia, Chesapeakeman, etc. Vig has also been a personal friend of mine for many years and was one of my go-to guys through my leukemia diagnosis and treatment.

A couple of days ago, upon hearing of Vigo’s Lifetime Achievement Award at the USA Triathlon Athlete of the Year and Multisport Awards Banquet, I fired off a quick congrats text message to Vig and his wife Sharon. (Or so I thought). The response and ensuing exchange I got back from Sharon was a little disconnected but I just thought she was distracted by something. It seemed a little awkward, almost as though she wasn’t sure what I was talking about. Nonetheless we fumbled though a couple of messages and she eventually at least responded with an “ok thanks” to the congratulations I was trying to give both of them.

A few minutes later, I received the below text from the person I thought was Sharon…

“Hey dude, I’m sorry but you have the wrong number…I was just going along. I Googled your name just now: I feel terrible. God bless you buddy :) Keep inspiring people! Sorry again”.

I cracked up to myself and thought it was hysterical that the person first played the game, but then felt guilty enough about it to come clean. Of course I had no problem with it and just laughed and told them to have a good day.

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