25 Random Acts of Kindness

25 Random Act of Kindness:

1. Give a genuine compliment
2. Choose forgiveness
3. Grab lunch with a new coworker
4. Give up your seat on public transportation
5. Treat a friend to coffee
6. Lend an ear to someone who needs it
7. Pay for a stranger’s parking
8. Visit an elderly relative
9. Donate to a non-profit
10. Send a thank-you note
11. Hold the door for someone
12. Leave a quarter in a laundromat
13. Send a care package
14. Ask a friend about their day
15. Share an umbrella
16. Offer words of encouragement to someone who needs them
17. Support a local business
18. Send a friend or relative a “thinking of you” card
19. Leave a generous tip
20. Call a loved one to check in
21. Let a stranger cut you in line or on the road
22. Host or organize a gathering for your community
23. Offer to take a task off of a coworker’s plate
24. Share a funny or uplifting video
25. Cook a meal for a friend

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