Do it Quietly & Humbly

What I’m about to say might ruffle a few feathers but I’m going to say it anyway. I think I need to say it to clear my head. Hell someone needs to say it. I don’t like to use the word hate often so let me just say that I very much dislike how social media has become a public bulletin board for the weekend warrior and age group triathletes/athletes to humblebrag about themselves.

I am so tired of the posts about “sufferfests” and “paincaves”  with details about how far or fast you swam, biked, or ran…. or how much weight you threw around or how early in the morning you did all of the above. If you are lucky enough to be able to spend a day doing what you love, I would hardly call that a “sufferfest”. And if that is your definition of suffering, you need more adversity in your life.

Posts that begin with “well it wasn’t my best race but….”, or “another (fill in the blank) is in the books, or “15 miles on the dreadmill…. check” are nothing more than an attempt to fish for accolades and comments to boost your egos. You know it, and everyone reading knows it. I know it will never happen because I feel outnumbered, but can we just get back to a more humble existence that isn’t so “self” motivated and all about I, me, and mine?

Sure, I love to post pics of racing and training. But most often they are the efforts or accomplishments of others. Or a post about some unique and amazing experience that happened during an event. Or information about the charity behind the event. Or, admittedly, the occasional obligatory product sponsor post. Those motives are much different.

How did people survive in the days before social media when you just raced and trained because you loved to race and train? And bought a finisher photo for a scrap book or frame. Now it feels like it’s more about the image, presentation, and perception than the accomplishment itself. By being self absorbed with posting just the right workout pic, you’re missing the boat. Or maybe you’re in the boat but you can’t be enjoying the ride.

Be awesome but for God’s sake be humble. Let your accomplishments speak for themselves. You don’t need to buy a billboard to announce to the world that you are a real athlete. The world will notice. I promise. Just be.

Rant over. I feel better. Thank you for reading. Apologies to those I may have ticked off.

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