Leukemia Lessons Learned

The top 10 lessons I have learned during my initial diagnosis, treatment and now remission (3 years) phases of my leukemia …

1). Blood cancers do not play by any rules. No logical ones anyway.

2). Stuff can happen to anybody. And it’s not the “stuff” that measures our character, it’s how we react and respond to that “stuff”.

3). The internet is full of as much useless information as useful. Talk to doctors and choose your websites and content wisely. Don’t just blindly search a disease.

4). Some friends and family will shy away from you not because they don’t care; but because they just don’t know what to say or do and would rather avoid the situation. It’s not personal. It’s just their way of coping with someone else’s illness.

5). A strong mind and will is an amazing force and should not be underestimated.

6). Support crews are critical.

7). Chemotherapy nurses are among the most special people on the planet.

8). Don’t be afraid to ask questions and get second and third opinions.

9). Take things one step at a time.

10). Some incredibly positive things can be done with what might initially seem like very negative news.

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