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First Descents Coming to NYC

First Descents offers young adult cancer survivors (ages 18–39) a free outdoor adventure experience and is excited to launch a new program FD intro (FDi) which is a shorter, more accessible adventure experience for young adults with cancer. These two-day programs are designed to make the FD experience available to young adult survivors who might [...]
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Why We Do It

I received the below email this morning from an old college friend after thanking her for her generous donation to my Man of the Year campaign. It's stories such as these that warm the heart and are proof that all of these fundraising efforts really do pay off in big ways.
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The Message

So, in my humble attempt to try to motivate or inspire Maryland's men's lacrosse team as their honorary team captain in yesterday's HEADstrong lacrosse tournament, I urged them to walk away with three things as a result of having met me...
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Brian Tells His Story

Brian Tells His Story ... In 2004, I was 39 years old and in the middle of a professional career as a public relations consultant when, during a routine physical, a massive tumor showed up on a chest X-Ray. A biopsy and scans indicated it was Stage IIIs Hogdkin's Lymphoma.
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Struggles & Conflicts

I have been in a slight funk since returning from an amazing Labor Day weekend at the shore. That’s the main reason that I have been a little quiet this week. I have also been feeling like something was just a little off in the universe and I haven’t quite been able to put my finger on it. I knew something would eventually jolt my writing motivation, but I had no idea it would take the shape it did.
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Living the Tri Life

Just a heads up for anyone who may be interested. I will be featured in a show called “Living the Tri Life” which is a show about all things triathlon in the city of Philadelphia. The show airs on Monday (Labor Day) 9/7/09 at 1:30 in the afternoon on 10NBC.
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A Little Bundle of BIG Courage

One look into the eyes of this child and you will be swept away. Read her story and you will be amazed that such strength and courage can come in such a small package. My good friends Tim and Midge Kerr will be dedicating their Splash N' Dash event this weekend in Avalon to the Love family. I will have an opportunity to meet Taylor and her family on Saturday and am looking forward to witnessing first hand the contagious spirit that defines Taylor Love. I will have plenty more to share next week, but wanted to give you a glimpse ...
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Resourceful Way to Remission

Three years ago, when Stephen Brown received an unexpected and fear-invoking diagnosis – cancer – he did what he does best – he got physical.
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Words You Long to Hear

Just wanted to share one small blurb of an email that I received not too long ago from a friend who was recently diagnosed. These are words that every patient lives to be able to say.
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Elli Wolpe’s Words of Inspiration

I want to share with you the words of an inspirational speaker at one of our recent events. Her words are powerful and provide a reminder that we do make a difference in the lives of others.
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