Checking In and Moving Out!

So….. here is the deal. I had a follow up today with my oncologist to gauge the effects that my recent two rounds of steroids have had on my CLL symptoms. In a word – GREAT. It looks like this little steroid trick seems to be working well and many of the lymph nodes that were enlarged and in the way have retreated. So, his thoughts were, since we like the results, and I am tolerating the side effects “fairly well”, why not try another two rounds of this stuff and really knock the evil leukemia villains back to the planet from which they hatched.

So we will do two more rounds – two weeks apart from one another, beginning on Monday the 11th so I can be drug free and clear to race Eagleman 70.3 this weekend; which Dr. Shore was fine with! Actually what he said was something along the lines of “I’m fine with it but what does your wife have to say about it?” When we told him not only was she all for it, she was also volunteering at the race,he just laughed and said “well then I guess THAT’S settled.

So we are off to Cambridge MD in a couple of hours and will report in from there and throughout the weekend when possible.

Bottom line – I feel great and we are just trying to shrink a few more pesky lymph nodes. After which, we should not have to revisit this for quite some time.

Save travels and good luck to all racing.

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  1. Derek Fitzgerald
    Posted June 8, 2012 at | Permalink

    Best news I’ve heard all day! Have fun and good luck at Eagleman – with the high you must be on right now, I feel sorry for the triathletes that have to go up against you. Go kick some butt.

  2. ilana
    Posted June 8, 2012 at | Permalink

    I can’t tell you how happy I am to hear this. Good luck this weekend!

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