Racing the Sunset

A few words to Scott Tinley on his book “Racing the Sunset” …

Dear Scott,

Don’t worry. You are not “normal”. I suspect you never were, and it’s likely that you ever will be and that’s a good thing. None of us are and we are proud to have you sit on the board of our abnormal council. The respect that I have for you as a triathlete is tremendous BUT it cannot hold a candle to the respect I have for you and your post competitive days and life outside of sport.

Through the years you have given us the foresight to focus our attention inward to our own glory, our own demons, and our own worlds, and everything within them. You showed us how to be a fierce competitor. You showed us how to be an insightful and peaceful warrior. You taught us that it’s OK to be Nirvana and Jack Johnson all rolled into one and you reminded us to feed our own gardens and take care of the things that matter most, because others will not.

You gave us things to think about that many people never would have given a second glance. And you reminded us all that to live life is to accept change. Life IS change. This is where your true gift lies. And this gift is eternal. This gift you will be able to share with the world for many generations to come.

For all you have done for the sport, its participants, and for your ability to keep things real and in perspective – thanks.

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