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The thing about racing sunsets is that in time the sunset will ultimately always win. In spite of our best efforts, and all the hope and belief we can muster, the sunset is going to win. But if we’re lucky, that sun can set with breathtaking beauty. The key is being able to enjoy that [...]
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Racing the Sunset

Don’t worry. You are not “normal”. I suspect you never were, and it’s unlikely that you ever will be and that’s a good thing. None of us are and we are proud to have you sit on the board of our abnormal council. The respect that I have for you as a triathlete is tremendous BUT it cannot hold a candle to the respect I have for you and your post competitive days and life outside of sport.
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On the Near Horizon

I wanted to let folks know that I have been brewing another book project over the last several months. This is simply another compilation of short stories, articles, and blog posts on various subjects relating to life, cancer, triathlon, people, and anything else that may have moved me. As well as a few pieces on some friends who were lost. I realize that’s quite a broad spectrum of subject matter, but those who know me will not be surprised by that.
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