Enough Already

It feels like we are on day 900 of 90 plus degree heat here in the metro Philly area. Apparently we are not alone as most of the country is sharing space in our Easy Bake Oven. My questions is, just how hot does it have to be for how long before the earth explodes? Hopefully people are training safely.

I have settled into a great 5 AM running routine but I bailed this morning. It was just too gross when I stepped outside. Training is going well though. I feel pretty focused for ironman on September 24th. Generally speaking, things are progressing nicely. And of course the NYC Marathon with Ethan is set for November. I still need help with our cause. Donations can still be made HERE. NO donation is too small. Got that? NO DONATION IS TOO SMALL.

I have also decided to make the trip to Virginia in October to help out the USA Ultra Triathlon group with the double, and triple ironman.

There is a reason.

I have mentioned before that the double ironman has piqued my curiosity for quite some time now. I was close to racing it this year but I vetoed myself. I have been in regular contact with race director Steve Kirby and it was his idea to invite me down to really get the true flavor for this year’s race, which will better prepare me for attempting this in the fall of 2012. I’ll write a feature article on the event as well.

I’m not sure why but I have always had a burning desire to set myself apart. Not above anything or anybody. Just “apart”. Ironman is yesterday’s news and has become way too popular – and too commercial. I hate that….. or I at least dislike it. I feel it’s time to again do something that others are not doing. Much more to come on this. I’ll also need a full blown support crew … so I will be recruiting!

As a reminder, I will be meeting my buddy Todd Crandell tonight for the screening of his new documentary film Running With Demons. It will be good to catch up with him and a couple of his partners on this film.

All else is good. I’ll try to get some pics posted from the film screening tonight.

Stay cool everyone.

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