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I was feeling particularly introspective, or insightful, or …. Something yesterday. Often times when those triggers start, I need to connect with a few key “go to” friends to help me affirm, refute, or process whatever is going on in my head. So yesterday I reached out to Scott Tinley. Below is my email and his response. Thanks ST, as always.

How are you ST? What’s new in your world? I needed a little dose of your insight, wit, and candor so figured it was time to drop you a line. I am living in the beauty and delicate balance of enjoying my family and beautiful granddaughter, reconciling a mild flare up of my leukemia, and trying to stay in (race) shape. I am actually racing Eagleman in 2 weeks and I think that distraction, and a little dose of Vigorito will be good for me.

But in short – LIFE IS QUITE GOOD.

I wouldn’t trade my life for anything or anyone else’s . I don’t “wish” for anything. Well that’s not true, I wish for others to be happy and feel as good as I do. And I pray for patience and perspective when the surf gets a little rough. But I don’t want or ask for “things”.  I feel like I have everything in life that could possibly bring me joy. I live a fairly tale life – and I am a happy guy. I simply try to do the right stuff and be open and accepting of most people and their individualities. It makes the world a happier place. And living in a happier place is a hell of a lot better than not.

Oh and have I told you that I am filthy rich? And getting richer each week…Of course actual currency and assets have nothing to do with my wealth. But the fact that I get calls and emails weekly from complete strangers who tell me they have seen or heard of my story, and it gave them hope lifts me to this breathtaking place that I can’t describe. I give them “HOPE”, Scott. Just typing it warms my soul.

The ability to do that for another human being is far greater than any paycheck or lottery winnings that you could ever throw my way. This is my mission. This has become my reason. It’s enabled me to look at my leukemia as a gift that I can use to my benefit and the benefit of people I will never ever know. I realize that sounds crazy. But many have called me crazy through the years. I was born a goalkeeper, went through a skydiving phase in the early 1980s and race marathons and ironman to “feel good”. Of course I’m crazy. But I like to think I have channeled it in an effective and meaningful way.

Life is strange. One minute you are looking up to your father, the next minute you are your father. We transition from overcrowded sleepovers to empty nests and then look around trying to figure out where the hell everyone and everything went. Some days, I desperately want to have a catch with my father. The one thing that is really important to me is the footprint I will leave behind one day. Especially for my kids. How will they remember and describe me to future generations? How will they talk about the father, husband, athlete, and man as they sift through the boxes of medals, pictures, and clippings.

These kinds of things matter to me and it’s one of the reasons that I try to live my life happy, clean, respectful, and most certainly FUN.

I hope all is well with you out left my friend. Drop me a line as time permits.


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    It’s called narratology; the study of the story and often associated with the teller in biographical form. I suggest that you re-read you note below for within it lie your answers. Your narrative is infused with positive hopefulness, self-effacing humility, and a kind of appreciative grace.

    We should all be so blessed as to count our blessings.

    Dude, one day and one step at a time. Your legacy will be fine. For the near term. Go have some fun.

    No one gets out of here alive.

    Tell Vigo I said it was okay for you to borrow his Porsche for the weekend.

    Abarzos, amigo.


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