Neulasta Boost

Yesterday’s Neulasta booster shot went off without a hitch. If you are just joining our program, Neulasta is an injection given after a round of chemo to inject good, healthy, infection fighting white cells back into your system. This was given yesterday after receiving chemo on Monday and Tuesday of this week. One of the common side effects from Neulasta is joint & bone pain as this stuff stimulates healthy production activity from within your bone marrow.

Somehow, somewhere, some genius discovered that taking the allergy medication Clariton before and after the Neulasta injection, significantly reduces those side effects. While I don’t understand that, I don’t have to. My team recommended it, and they were spot on. Today I feel little more than a slight heavy leg or tired leg sensation and I’m sure that will quickly run its course. I’ve got no pain at all.

I’m back at work today and trying to reclaim some sense of normalcy. It appears to be working although I’m starting to fade a little. But all things considered, I’m still feeling great. I’m having some crazy dreams at night though and have been a little restless but able to sleep and no other significant side effects to speak of except for a passing mild wave of nausea that leaves as quickly as it comes.

OK, enough of this cancer stuff for now!

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