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Clean Bill

For those keeping score at home, I had a follow up appointment with my favorite oncologist the other day. Everything is GOOD. My blood work is completely normal and I continue to feel really, really good. The results from a recent CT scan actually showed signs of a little growth against the previous CT, but [...]
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New Opportunities

It seems they found me through my blog and my writings about my diagnosis and now want to partner and manage media opportunities for me with Genentech. We had a great chat on the phone, I then received the below email. It just goes to show you that you never know who is listening. Read below:
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And I’m Out

And I’m Out I am happy to report that today I finished the last of my chemo treatments, hopefully for a while. If you have been following along, you’ll recall I had a few chronic lymphocytic leukemia symptoms reappear after having been in remission for quite some time. The answer was to zap it with between 4-6 [...]
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Rituxan & Decadron CLL Treatment Take 1 (again)

As some of you may know, I was in for another round of treatment yesterday to take care of a little flare up of my chronic lymphocytic leukemia. The plan is to knock it back with a handful of single day doses of Rituxan and decadron. These treatments will be spaced a month apart and [...]
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I had a great surprise this morning when I checked in with my Dr. right before my scheduled Rituxan treatment session. If you recall, today would have been my 4th treatment out of 6 that they ordered to handle my Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia relapse symptoms. When the Dr. walked in he asked me when I wanted [...]
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Round Three – Advantage BROWN

First let me share the good news. Rounds one and two were so successful that my Doctor gave the green light to administer today’s treatment as a “rapid infusion”. To give you some perspective, it took us close to 5 hours tocomplete round one a couple of weeks ago. Last week’s session finished in 4 [...]
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Round Two – ME Again

Just finished up the second of six rounds of Rituxan. All went very well this morning and we even finished up a little faster than last week. Midway through treatment I received an email from Ethan Zohn with some words of encouragement. He then asked the magic question…. “Are you running home”? I did the responsible [...]
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Round One Decision Goes to – ME

Today's Rituxan infusion went off without a hitch. My favorite nurse took good care of me and we actually finished a little earlier than expected. Rituxan needs to be infused very slowly with me to avoid a number of negative reactions so i expected to be much later than we were. I am happy to report that all went well. I feel just a little beat up this evening but this should pass overnight.
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Hit Me Again

I had an appointment with my oncolodoc the other day. This one was at my request because some of my Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia symptoms that reappeared a few months ago and were previously tamed by the steroid decadron are back again. And we knew that the steroids would probably only be a temporary solution before we would need to call in some bigger guns and take a few doses of some chemo. We just weren't sure how temporary.
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