Post Vacation Check In


Don’t take my lack of posting as a bad thing. I was actually on vacation last week and tried to unplug a little bit. I had a great week with just the right balance of all things good. I’m generally feeling good since my initial round of chemo. Some days have been better than others and at times I still feel a little fatigued but all in all I am feeling pretty good. And I need to feel good because we start all over again with round two next Monday, August 15th.

The challenge is that both the disease and the treatment can cause not only fatigue but shortness of breath as well. Obviously the shortness of breath as a result of the treatment will eventually dissipate. But in the meantime I feel a little like a concert pianist playing while wearing mittens. The good news is that this is intermittent and not too severe.

tuckahoe2I felt good enough over vacation to jump into a sprint duathlon about three miles from our house. It wasn’t pretty, but it felt great emotionally to race. And as luck would have it, my age group was pretty small so by default a ended up with a 3rd place age group finish. I like the idea of racing sprint races shortly after chemo so I will continue with that practice over the remaining cycles, when I’m feeling up to it. It helps me psychologically to remain involved and doing what I love to do. (Hopefully you’re taking notes on that point.)

So it’s back to “normal” this week and then as I mentioned, back in for round two on 8/15. Much more to come!

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