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Aligning Systems

As I look at the races that I have on my calendar between now and the end of November, I find myself in full system alignment mode. I am at that point where I am taking a lot of inventories and trying to determine what I have done right, what mistakes I may have made, and what I need to do to try to tie all of the pieces together.
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Survivor Story

In May 2004, Bill Crews finished the worst six months of his life. a competitive swimmer and coach, Crews had been training for his first triathlon when his shoulder got sore. He went to the doctor thinking he had torn a rotator cuff and came out learning he had cancer.
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Tragedy Drives Woman to Triathlon

After an undetected heart condition claimed the life of 38-year-old Joe Lyons during the 2007 Cohasset Triathlon, no one would have blamed Joe’s widow, Karen, if she distanced herself from the sport.
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Danskin Philadelphia Triathlon

This past weekend was the Danskin Philadelphia Triathlon held in Fairmount Park. This is a women’s only event and is part of a national multi city race series.
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Resourceful Way to Remission

Three years ago, when Stephen Brown received an unexpected and fear-invoking diagnosis – cancer – he did what he does best – he got physical.
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Almost an Ironman

I know I typically post my own thoughts here, but I'll make an exception in this case. This recap of Rhonda Cohen's near ironman experience is worthy of sharing. I have known Rhonda for a numbers of years and have followed, (or dare I say helped fuel) Ronda's passion and drive along the way. She has often called me a source of her inspiration. But her story is one of perseverance, drive, and overcoming what may seem impossible - or at least unlikely. Although Rhonda slightly missed the mark with this ironman attempt, she still epitomizes everything that a triathlete stands for and remains an inspiration for many women.
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Comfort Zone Expansion Project

One of the reasons that I became so involved with the sport of triathlon was the fact that it gave me an opportunity to expand my comfort zone dramatically. Not that I had a small one to begin with, but I always felt the need to keep growing mine.
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Philadelphia Insurance Triathlon

This weekend is the big Philly Triathlon. I don’t race this one. Instead I wear multiple other hats including race staff and TNT coach. This is a national Team in Training event so the race raises significant dollars for the fight against blood cancers.
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For those who are unaware of his legacy, I would like to introduce you guys to a true warrior in every respect. I would not be doing you justice if I didn't give you the chance to learn of this man and his mission.
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Why I Do What I Do

I am conviced that there are so many "reasons" for my leukemia diagnosis and more importantly, there are reasons that have drivien me to do the things that I have done as a result of my diagnosis. I may not always know what those reasons are, but the people that I have been able to connect with are too many to mention or even count. I wanted to take a minute and share just a couple of examples of people who have found me or stumbled upon me
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