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A Few Words on DNF

 DNF. Did Not Finish. They are the dreaded three letters that no endurance athlete ever wants to see next to their name in the race results column. People train long and hard for months or even years towards a goal they have set for themselves. And one of the things that keep you going is [...]
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15 Simple Ways To Improve Your Athletic Performance Right Now

This is a must read from our good friends at Hammer Nutrition.
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Danskin Philadelphia Triathlon

This past weekend was the Danskin Philadelphia Triathlon held in Fairmount Park. This is a women’s only event and is part of a national multi city race series.
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It's Got to be FUN

I know I always talk about swim, bike, and run racing and training and how much I love it. And these things really are extremely important to me. But I may have failed to properly convey an important point and I want to be clear on something.
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A Guy, His Dog, and Chocolate

OK, so this weekend I hit the shore with my bike and one of my dogs. There was a family bridal shower this weekend which kept the rest of the clan home. Just like the New Jersey Marathon a couple of weeks ago, I raced again in driving wind and rain.
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Never, Ever Forgotten

Here is a race report of a different color. Although the race referenced is the 2007 ChesapeakeMan Ultra Distance Triathlon, there is not much race detail in here. This report is an open letter to anyone who has ever lost someone meaningful in their lives.
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The Girl on the Train

Barb was an Amazon. She was capable of doing anything she set her sights on. She was a testimonial to Nike, the Greek goddess of victory.
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Lance Was Right

Lance was right on when he said "It's not about the bike". It's not about the bike as physical matter, or cycling as an activity, profession, or way of life. But what is it about?
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Beyond the Finish Line

There has been much documentation and fanfare surrounding the ironman triathlon finish line. It remains one of the most motivating and impressive images around. You can’t talk about that finisher chute with its screaming spectators without getting the juices flowing.
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My First Ironman Experience

I guess the true beginning of my quest would have to be the very first Hawaii Ironman Triathlon that I watched on TV. I’m not exactly sure which year, but I feel like it was 100 years ago. More than likely, it was probably around 1982 or so. From that moment on, I was drawn to something.
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