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IM Versus I’m not

There has been a lot of chatter recently on some of the discussion forums and Facebook pages over iron distance triathlons. There has always been debate over the use of the word “ironman” since it is a branded copyrighted term owned by the World Triathlon Corporation. Having raced a few of said “ironman” events, as well [...]
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ChesapeakeMan Ultra Triathlon 2011 Edition

The words that keep popping into my head this morning are, “some days are better than others”. I want to give a brief recap of this past weekend’s race without focusing too much on what went wrong. If you are pressed for time, or simply don’t want to bore yourself with the details, here are [...]
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Ironman Redefined

I can’t believe it has been 6 years. On this date in 2005 I lost my father. He checked into a hospital in June and never left the ICU. This is always a hard time for me and it’s been a rough couple of days. Today, for obvious reasons, is the worst. I really wish [...]
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I think people take on the challenge of endurance events because they love the challenge. They love the idea of pushing themselves, managing their own demons, and that incredible feeling of victory at the finish. (and victory can be defined very differently for every athlete). I was drawn in to the ironman because it scared me and I couldn’t conceive how the human mind, body, and spirit could endure 140.6 miles of racing. The more I didn’t understand it, the more I was drawn to it. And eventually I reached the point of magnetism as my coordinates locked on and the rest is history.
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Ironman Allocates $100,000 for Donation Toward Gulf Coast Oil Spill Relief

World Triathlon Corporation, owner of the global Ironman Triathlon Series, announces its contribution to the oil spill relief effort in the Gulf of Mexico. The Ironman Foundation, the company’s charitable arm, has earmarked a total of $100,000 to support the efforts and its first donation of $25,000 will be made to Catholic Charities Archdiocese of New Orleans, an organization that has been instrumental in assisting those affected by the oil spill in the state of Louisiana. Ironman, headquartered off Florida’s West coast, plans to offer additional assistance to related organizations in the coming weeks.
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How to Date a Triathlete

Do you wish your loved one would spend as much money on you as they do on their high-performance bike? You’re not alone. In her debut publication How to Date a Triathlete, Lauren McVey-Harsch offers a personal and humorous look inside her relationship with an Ironman triathlete.
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Ironman? Are You Sure?

People chase the ironman dream for any number of reasons. Many reasons are quite personal and private, while some are as simple as just wanting to be able to say they did it.
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Aligning Systems

As I look at the races that I have on my calendar between now and the end of November, I find myself in full system alignment mode. I am at that point where I am taking a lot of inventories and trying to determine what I have done right, what mistakes I may have made, and what I need to do to try to tie all of the pieces together.
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Almost an Ironman

I know I typically post my own thoughts here, but I'll make an exception in this case. This recap of Rhonda Cohen's near ironman experience is worthy of sharing. I have known Rhonda for a numbers of years and have followed, (or dare I say helped fuel) Ronda's passion and drive along the way. She has often called me a source of her inspiration. But her story is one of perseverance, drive, and overcoming what may seem impossible - or at least unlikely. Although Rhonda slightly missed the mark with this ironman attempt, she still epitomizes everything that a triathlete stands for and remains an inspiration for many women.
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