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Two Oceans Ultra Marathon – Part 4

Had a pretty good in flight lunch of tortellini . At least I guess it was lunch. Then settled in and watched Lincoln on my little monitor. Good flick. Really liked it for sure. Also finished another couple of chapters of Dean Karnazes' book "run". Five hours in and I was still feeling great. Oh! Nicole Delma to the rescue with Oreos ! Thanks Cole. It's funny because all the shades are drawn so it feels like the middle of the night. In reality it is 4:30 est but 10:30 Cape Town time. But I figured it was happy hour somewhere and declared it time for a beer.
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Two Oceans Ultra Marathon – Part 3

So folks... the time has nearly come. Chances are the next time you hear from me will be from South Africa as I am being picked up tomorrow morning at 4:30 AM to be whisked off to JFK airport in NYC. I want to think everything is done. I haven't actually packed everything into bags yet, but that's my job today. I need to make another quick run to the store (drive that is) and then I can pack up. And I think once that is done, I will feel really "ready". I did just check in online though and printed my boarding pass so mark that off the to do list.
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Two Oceans Ultra Marathon – Part 2

My last long run is done. I don't know if my training formula was perfect but I don't think it was a bad one. My rationale is this; I have "faked" my way through many marathons with much less training than I have put into this effort. So.... I would consider myself in pretty good marathon shape.
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Two Oceans Ultra Marathon – Part 1

In 2012 I felt like my race calendar was getting a little stagnant. I still loved what I was doing but some of the races I was doing were starting to feel like just another day at the office. I have raced 11 ironman triathlons and 20 marathons and God knows how many shorter course events – and I love those distances and races. But I was searching for something different, or bigger, or just “more”.
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South Africa, Two Oceans Interview

I was recently contacted by Kolosa Vuso with the South African marketing firm Tenfour Media to answer a few questions regarding my participation in the upcoming Two Oceans Ultra Marathon in Cape Town South Africa.  The timing was quite ironic because I was just starting to contemplate a blog post on this very topic. I’m not [...]
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Donate to Two Oceans Ultra Marathon – South Africa

I am once again supporting Ethan Zohn and Grassroot Soccer in their quest to create an AIDS free world, mobilized through soccer. This time, I am taking on a 56 KM ultra marathon in South Africa
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An Evening of Hope

Three Philadelphia area native musicians will perform acoustically at Burlap and Bean in support of AIDS/ HIV relief in South Africa.  The proceeds from the evening’s show will be donated to Grassroot Soccer. Co-founded by Ethan Zohn, Grassroot Soccer uses the power of soccer to educate, inspire, and mobilize communities to stop the spread of [...]
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Season’s Greetings to All & Here is What’s New

Just want to give a quick shout and say Happy & Merry to all and wish you the very best of whatever you celebrate. I also want to mention a few new things for me in 2013 that are pretty exciting. First, I was selected by Newton Running to serve as one of the Philanthropic Brand [...]
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GRS ING NYC Marathon Teammates

While I am very bummed at the fact that the NYC Marathon was just cancelled, I am more bummed at the fact that I won't be spending the weekend with Ethan Zohn and my Grassroot Soccer family. This year was GRS's 4th year at NY and I have been with them since the beginning. Ethan had asked if I would talk for a few minutes at our team dinner on Saturday night. And yes.... bummed to be missing that as well. But I thought the least I could do was put down a few words that I would probably want to say to my GRS teammates...
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Round Two – ME Again

Just finished up the second of six rounds of Rituxan. All went very well this morning and we even finished up a little faster than last week. Midway through treatment I received an email from Ethan Zohn with some words of encouragement. He then asked the magic question…. “Are you running home”? I did the responsible [...]
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