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Fit and Fab(ric)

Fit and fabric are important keys to your workout success. You’d be surprised what a difference wearing the right clothing will make. Choose something that has a breathable moisture wicking fabric and fits you properly. Choose function over style. You will feel better and if you feel better, and that can only lead to better performance.

Just Be YOU

We all develop and progress at different levels. Don’t let the success of others lessen the significance of your own success. Measure your progress by your standards. Celebrate how far you’ve progressed without worrying about how far you need to go

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Ironman Lake Placid 70.3 Bib #24

This week the athlete bib #s were published for Ironman Lake Placid 70.3. There are a couple of thousand athletes registered for this race so I was pretty surprised to see that I was assigned #24. I’m not sure if these were assigned alphabetically or if those of us representing the Ironman Foundation were assigned a low range of numbers. Regardless of how or why I received 24, the significance in this number is pretty awesome.

IMLP BibFor starters, it was one of my favorite numbers as a kid and worn by some of my athlete idols growing up like Willie Mays and Bill Bradley. In fact it was such a favorite, and I was such a fan of New York Knick Bill Bradley that I also wore #24 in high school basketball. As an adult it still holds water because my birthday is March 2nd and my wife’s is September 4th. So 2 & 4 continue to mean something.

Another key significance of #24 is the fact that February 24th, 2006 was my original leukemia diagnosis date which I talk about often. And while one would assume that an “anniversary” date such as that is a negative thing, I choose to think differently. The reality is that this disease continues to provide amazing opportunities and connect me with people and organizations that I never would have met without a diagnosis that I can call my very own.

So, on September 10th, I’ll be racing in beautiful Lake Placid New York for the 4th time feeling fortunate to be out there, fortunate to again be in remission, and fortunate to be wearing #24.

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USA Triathlon Regional Council

USAT LogoSome of you may know  that I served on the USAT Mid-Atlantic Regional Council from 2006-2015. I’m happy to say that after a couple of heart to heart conversations with Council Chair and good buddy Rob Vigorito, I’ve accepted an offer to come back. There are some cool things happening here in the area  and I’m happy to lend whatever I can to to continue to grow and support a great region.

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Vigo Sighting

VigoThis was just so stinking cool. Over the weekend, I raced in the USA Triathlon Mid Atlantic regional championship at Atlantic City NJ. Upon my arrival on race morning I ran into a great friend and wonderful human being in Rob Vigorito. As USAT Regional Chair, “Vigo” was there to help out with the race. Vigo and I have a great history and go back to 2004 when I started racing a number of his Tri Columbia events. Vigo was also very instrumental in my leukemia treatments and healing in many ways. I posted the following photo and text on social media:

It’s a GOOD day when you get to the race and have an opportunity to hang out with one outstanding human in Rob Vigo Vigorito! It was Vigo’s Chesapeakman Iron Distance Race that I did a few months after my initial chemo treatments in 2006. Vigo gets 100% of the credit for naming me “Remissionman”. #triac2017″

The awesome part was this comment I got on my post from a total stranger to me who is friends with Vigo:

“Wow! I raced that event and remember your family at the school with all kinds of signs and cheering about the “Remissionman”. Awesome stuff! Never did know who it was till just now”.

Love that stuff.

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Intestinal Fortitute

Steve BikeGreetings! On my ride yesterday I got to thinking about a high school soccer coach I had who used to preach the importance of having “intestinal fortitude” to be able to dig deep when you needed that something extra. We really didn’t get it as teenagers. But somewhere along the way of 30 years of racing, 12 Ironman finishers, 26 marathon finishes, a couple of DNFs, and 54 rounds of chemotherapy, I got it. Intestinal fortitude will lift and carry you over rough spots that you didn’t think you could get through. Training may unravel, a race may fall apart, a nutrition plan may fail. But intestinal fortitude will never let you down, unless you consciously decide to let it.

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Breaking Team in Trainin News

Registration for Saint Anthony’s Triathlon on April 29th, 2018, has opened. Join the Team today to take advantage of the Early Bird commitment level pricing. Use code TRITNT to join for free ($100 value, expires 7/31/17) http://bit.ly/TNTFY18Reg

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RemissionMan Blog Award

I was happy to learn that Feedspot has recognized this blog as a top 50 leukemia blog across all domestic and international leukemia sites on the web. I was actually 27th out of 50. The criteria used was a combination of Google reputation and search ranking, social media influence, quality & consistency of posts, and an editorial review by Feedspot’s team. Cool stuff. It’s nice to know that people are reading.


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2017 TCS NYC Marathon

In November I will be back in the Big Apple to take on the New York City Marathon for the 8th time. This year I will be racing for Team RTR (Racing to Register). Racing To Register’s main goal is to increase the number of potential donors available to patients who are in need of a lifesaving bone marrow or stem cell transplant.

When I was first diagnosed with leukemia in 2006, my medical team discussed the possibility of a stem cell transplant at some point of my journey. I haven’t needed one yet but that possibility remains on the horizon.

You can help by making a modest donation of any amount HERE.

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Rothman Ambassador

The Rothman Institute liked my story and wanted to run it as part of their Ambassador program. You can check it out here:

Steve – Meniscectomy

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Cancer Support Community

And yet another contact that I made on my recent trip to Chicago was the Cancer Support Community. As the largest professionally led nonprofit network of cancer support worldwide, the Cancer Support Community (CSC) is dedicated to ensuring that all people impacted by cancer are empowered by knowledge, strengthened by action and sustained by community. CSC achieves its mission through three areas: direct service delivery, research and advocacy.

The organization includes an international network of Affiliates that offer the highest quality social and emotional support for people impacted by cancer, as well as a community of support available online and over the phone. The Research and Training Institute conducts cutting-edge psychosocial, behavioral and survivorship research. CSC furthers its focus on patient advocacy through its Cancer Policy Institute, informing public policy in Washington, D.C. and across the nation.

I’ve also added this organization to the LINKS page of my site here. You can learn more at cancersupportcommunity.org

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