Our Marine Rests

Today we said thank you, we love you, and we’ll see you again to my father in law, Tom Snyder. It was a wonderful tribute to an amazing man. My only regret is that I didn’t have the opportunity to have met him sooner in my life. He had a way of making you feel special. He had a way of making you feel important. He had a way of making you feel welcome. He had a way of making you feel loved. He will be missed but all that was good in Tom Snyder lives on in the hearts of all who knew and loved him.

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BONKGEAR Announces Partnership with Steve Brown, and Team Inspiration

Ashburn, VA (March 25, 2015) – BONKGEAR, designer and distributor of smart athletic apparel for endurance, strength and agility training, announced a partnership with triathlete, Coach, author, speaker and SURVIVOR Steve Brown.  Steve has joined the BONKGEAR team as a trainer, customizing a series of triathlon workouts for SURVIVOR themed, mobile-connected fitness apparel, with a portion of all sales revenue donated to nonprofit organization Team Inspiration. 


In February of 2006, Steve was diagnosed with leukemia. He underwent chemotherapy while still maintaining his baseline fitness level, often running home from his treatments, he quickly reached complete remission. By September of that year, just 7 months after his diagnosis, “RemissionMan” crossed the finish line of yet another iron distance triathlon – 2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike,and 26.2-mile run. Brown chronicled his journey through remission and across the finish line in his 2007 book My New Race, and his new book, Relentless Mettle – My Cancer, My Rules, whichwas published in February 2015. 


“I draw parallel lines between the challenges we face in sport and those we face in life, says Steve Brown, I am thrilled to work with BONKGEAR, and utilizing the SURVIVOR apparel and training programs as another platform to encourage people to break through barriers and understand that all things are possible.” A portion of all sales revenue from the SURVIVOR apparel is being donated to Team Inspiration, a nonprofit organization that empowers individualsliving with cancer by providing exercise & wellness programs that improve their physical, mental, and spiritual quality of life. 


We began our entry into endurance sports with RUNNER and MARATHON themed apparel and workouts, says Chris Jones founder of BONKGEAR, “so when we decided to develop a program for triathletes we immediately thought of Steve Brown. Steve has inspired many people to compete and raise money for cancer charities through his personal story and his coaching.BONKGEAR is excited to play a part in empowering others to train and compete as well as raise awareness and funds for Team Inspiration.” 


“We could not be more thrilled, not only to have Steve as one of our coaches and spokesperson for Team Inspiration, but to have BONKGEAR behind us as well” states Roseann Dougherty, founder of Team Inspiration, an oncology nurse and cancer exercise specialist, triathlete, and USAT Certified Coach. 


Each BONKGEAR apparel design includes a hidden QR code that when scanned using any QR scanner on your smartphone, it auto-launches a mobile-enhanced website containing daily rotating workouts inspired by the theme of the shirt. Each shirt design includes 9+ custom training workouts, with three levels of intensity – Level 1, Level 2 and BONK level. 



BONKGEAR originated in the heart of an athlete, adventure racer and designer. Their founder created custom shirts for his team at a local endurance race and received such interest in them he decided to design a line of shirts focused on popular training themes. 


YOU’RE WEARING YOUR WORKOUT – BONKGEAR apparel is the only brand that provides you with the means to enhance or maintain your fitness level by ensuring that you always have a workout with you (patent pending). 


BONKGEAR workouts are provided by certified personal trainers and geared toward a moderate to high fitness ability. BONKGEAR provides its retail and coaching partners with a toolset that allows them to publish a series of mobile workouts for their team/group. BONKGEAR hosts the personalized workouts on a co-branded mobile enabled digital site. 


About Steve Brown

Steve Brown is committed to facilitating positive change in the world – one person at a time. He is a triathlete, coach, author, speaker and cancer survivor. 


Steve has racked up countless triathlons and multisport events of all distances while racing for multiple philanthropic causes.  He is a volunteer coach for Team In Training and a mentor with The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s First Connection program and the Imerman Angels patient mentoring program. He is a contributing writer whose work has been featured in Philly Health Watch, TransitionTimes.com, Endurance Racing Magazine, Philly FIT, and Liberty Sports Magazine. Brown has also published five books, all of which relate to the intersection of his cancer and multisport lifestyle. 


Steve is a philanthropic ambassador for Newton Running, Team In Training’s Man of the Year for his local chapter, and recipient of the Blazeman Spirit Award. Steve and his wife live in Delaware County PA, where he also serves on the Board of Directors of the YMCA of Eastern Delaware County and is their LIVESTRONG ambassador. Through his personal appearances, coaching and fundraising efforts for Team In Training, Steve frequently inspires people to overcome obstacles in their lives, and to keep active and challenge themselves.



About Team Inspiration

Team Inspiration, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that empowers individuals living with cancer by providing exercise & wellness programs that improve their physical, mental, and spiritual quality of life. Team Inspiration offers programs for patients, family members and caregivers.




Media Requests

For media inquiries and/or interview requests please contact Danielle Willox at danielle@bonkgear.com or 443-262-2006


Connect with BONKGEAR

Digital: www.bonkgear.com

Promotional Video: www.bonkgear.com/how-it-works

Facebook: Bonkgear

Twitter: @bonkgear

Pinterest: bonkgear

Email: info@bonkgear.com


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Philly.com Article

Many thanks to Tracey Romero and Philly.com for running this piece on their blog site on March 4th.

Click HERE to read.

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“Surviving with Endurance” – Speaking at Endurance Sports Expo

On February 21st at 2:00 PM, I will be speaking at the Endurance Sports Expo in Oaks Pennsylvania with Derek Fitzgerald. The topic of our talk is “Surviving with Endurance”.

Two survivors and triathletes share their stories of hope, possibility, overcoming obstacles, and giving back. Steve Brown and Derek Fitzgerald talk about their battles with blood cancer and how their multisport lifestyles remain a driving force behind their health, and their commitment to finding a cure and raising awareness. 

A lifelong athlete growing up in suburban Philadelphia, Steve Brown ventured into multisport racing in the mid-1980s. Since that time Steve has racked up countless events of all distances including many marathons, ultra marathons, and ironman triathlons. In 2006, he was diagnosed with a chronic form of leukemia. He underwent four rounds of chemotherapy, often running home from chemotherapy in an effort to maintain his baseline fitness level. By July of that same year, he was back to racing ironman triathlons. His diagnosis drew him to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s TEAM in TRAINING program where he now works as a triathlon coach. Brown continues to use multisport racing and training as a platform to raise awareness for blood cancer and has navigated his way through two subsequent relapses of his disease. He recently wrote and published his fifth book Relentless Mettle – My Cancer, My Rules to tell his story. To learn more visit www.remissionman.com

A survivor of Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, heart failure and ultimately a heart transplant, Derek Fitzgerald has faced his share of challenges. Eight months after transplant, Derek began channeling the perseverance and determination that helped him overcome his health obstacles by entering the field of endurance sports. Less than a year and a half after surgery, he completed his first half Ironman. At two and a half years out, Derek became the first survivor of both cancer and a heart transplant to finish a full Ironman, a feat he duplicated four months later with his second 140.6 finish. Derek uses his participation in endurance sports to honor his donor, to remind people of what the human body is capable of overcoming, and to raise awareness of cancer research and of organ and tissue donation.

For more on Derek, visit www.recycledman.com

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Relentless Mettle – My Cancer, My Rules Now Available

My new book, Relentless Mettle – My Cancer, My Rules is available for download via the following distribution channels: 


Publisher Direct 

Apple iBooks

Amazon Kindle

Barnes & Noble Nook



I didn’t write another book because I have this insatiable desire to be an author. I wrote this book for a couple of very simple reasons. For starters, writing has always been very therapeutic for me. This exercise was no different. More importantly, I wanted to tell my story in a way that would give other patients hope, and perhaps remove some of the fear and uncertainty associated with a cancer diagnosis. If one person reads my book and it eases their mind and makes their journey into the unknown a little better, I’ve accomplished my goal.


20% of all sales royalties will be donated to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.


Here is your excerpt of the day:



“Diagnosis is scary. Disease is scary. Treatments are scary. And our own mortality is the scariest of all. But there truly is safety in numbers. There are a number of excellent patient resource groups and services that are available and I encourage you to ask your doctor for a good listing of resources and educational materials. Visit only recommended and approved websites, and please, under no circumstances, should you take off on a wild Google search mission to try to become an expert on your disease. I made that mistake.”



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WEGO Health

I’ve been nominated for three different WEGO Health Activist awards. WEGO is a network of over 100,000 of the most influential members of the online health community. They consist of bloggers, tweeters, pinners, and leaders of Facebook pages who are empowered patients that drive the healthcare conversation online, across virtually every health topic and condition.

My nominations include Health Activist Hero, Best in Show: Blog, and Lifetime Achievement. Nominees can be “endorsed” by anyone through January 31st. At the conclusion of the endorsement period, a robust judging period takes place with health Activists, WEGO Health team members, and industry leaders serving as judges.

Visit WEGO Health to endorse me or learn more.

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Happy Holiday Check Up

Greetings and Happy Holidays. Just a quick oncology check up report for you today. I had my routine visit and blood draw yesterday. My white count was slightly elevated and skewed a little to a higher lymphocyte %. I also have a couple of enlarged lymph nodes.

 I otherwise feel great and the rest of my blood work was spot on. No cause for any alarm, but we will treat the symptoms with a few doses of steroid therapy and I will check back again in 6 weeks. To reiterate, I feel great and am not concerned. I’m also typing this while riding on my trainer.

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This World

This world is spending entirely too much energy fighting about what is, what was, and what might have been, and not enough energy on creating what it needs to be. Sometimes the solutions are simple if we just shut up and do the right thing even if it’s not the easy thing.

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When Great Men Pass

I read the news last night that the father of a good childhood friend passed away early in the morning of December 6th. Ray Edelman, a WWII war veteran, lived a life filled with joy, love, and amazing experiences which were all shared with an incredible family that I am honored to know.

Ray Edelman was sports. Ray Edelman defined basketball and was one of the best, most sought after, and most decorated coaches in the country. He was a fountain of basketball fundamentals and he shared that wisdom with an immeasurable number of student athletes through the years.

Nobody understood Ray’s passion for basketball as well as his wife Millie and six children, Ray, Cindy, Jimmy, Linda, Mike, and Patty. The Edelman household was a who’s who of basketball for a couple of decades and at the heart of it all was Big Ray.

I grew up on Malvern Road in Ardmore Pennsylvania and the Edelman’s lived behind me on Georges Lane. From first through seventh grade I was close with Mike Edelman (the second youngest of the six kids if you are keeping score at home). A small group of us would roam from house to house and playground to playground looking for the next place to play a quick game of something. Sometimes it was touch football, sometimes it was “Kick the Can”, but we always had basketballs with us, so we often ended up at Elwell playground or my house and the game de jour usually ended up being hoops.

All the while, we had our eyes on what was happening in the rest of the Edelman household. My earliest memories are of Big Ray thriving as a coach at the University of Pennsylvania and attending those late 1960s and early 1970s Big 5 basketball games at the legendary Palestra. I learned what it meant to be a basketball fan in that old gym. Mike’s brothers and sisters were also making names for themselves both at Haverford High School and later at Kentucky. We had role models a block away and we looked up to all of them.

Ray’s coaching career took him to the University of Oregon when I was in eighth grade. It was rough having a good friend move across the country but two very meaningful things came out of that move. First, it was Mike who introduced me to the name of the legendary running phenomenon Steve Prefontaine who was on the cusp of becoming a household name. I had no idea who PRE was but Oregon sure did. PRE and his story would later become very influential to me. And second, the Edelman’s came back year or two later. So balance was restored in the universe.

Through the decades Big Ray Edelman coached at a number of schools and colleges and was a go to mentor for many coaches and basketball programs. While it’s true that he was a basketball genius, he also turned boys into men and coached the skills that don’t show up on the scoreboard, like integrity, sportsmanship, class, dignity, and grace. All of which are evident in the Edelman children and their families.

I’m saddened by the loss of Ray Edelman, but I am so blessed to have known him and fortunate to remain in touch with many of the kids. My thoughts and prayers go out to the extended Edelman clan in the loss of this great man, father, and legendary coach.

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GRS NYC Marathon Team Empowers 13,200 Girls

On Nov. 2nd, 41 passionate Team GRS runners participated in the 2014 TCS New York City Marathon. They ran an epic, cold and windy 26.2 miles through the streets of New York — with smiles on their faces. GRS is incredibly grateful to the wonderful team members who donated their sweat, fortitude, and positivity to our cause.

Our goal for the 2014 NYC Marathon was to engage 6,000 African girls in a unique program that educates and empowers them to live healthy lives, access critical health services, combat gender-based violence, stop the spread of HIV in their communities, and gain self esteem through playing soccer. We are thrilled to share that we more than doubled our goal, and will be able to engage 13,200 girls!

To date, the 2014 GRS NYC Marathon Team has raised over $660,000. Grassroot Soccer was one of the top fundraising charity partners for the TCS New York City Marathon, and Founder & CEO Tommy Clark was the top individual fundraiser on the marathon’s official charity fundraising site, CrowdRise. Additionally, one of our runners, GRS Ambassadors Council member Josh Elkes, was featured in a blog post from our funding partner Positive Tracks. Positive Tracks generously matched the funds raised by three young people on Team GRS, including Josh. This was also a special year for Team GRS as two of our founders, Tommy Clark and Kirk Friedrich, ran the race for GRS, along with several staff members. We also had a great combination of returning team members and new members of the GRS family.

Thank you to everyone who supported this true team effort!

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