Weekly Fit Tip – We Can All Win

We may all develop and progress at different levels. Don’t let the success of others lessen the significance of yours.  Measure your progress by your standards and not by those of others.

We can all win.

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Eye Opener on PHL17

Thanks to the crew of PHL17 in Philadelphia for having me on this morning talking about Team in Training and The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. You can see the clip HERE.

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I’m looking forward to once again joining my good friends at PHILLY FIT Magazine to contribute a series of fitness tips in upcoming issues. Through the years, I have been featured in and provided content for this awesome magazine. Stay tuned! Check them out at phillyfit.com.

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2016 Racing and Events

A number of 2016 events are starting to take shape. Visit the Schedule page for a partial listing. More details to follow.

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Weekly Fit Tip – Go For It

It can be intimidating to start an exercise program when you are surrounded by others who appear more experienced, more fit, and more knowledgeable. It can bring out our insecurities.

Don’t let it.

I’ve heard people tell me that they are afraid to go workout because they feel self conscious when they do. The fact is nobody really cares what you look like when you work out.

And neither should you.

Most people share a common thread and understanding that we are all out there trying to better ourselves. Don’t let someone else stand in your way of becoming a better person. Encourage the efforts of others around you who are striving to reach their goals.

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Team LLS Survivors Tri for a Cure

Steve Brown, Derek Fitzgerald, and Karl Wicks are triathletes, advocates for finding cures to blood cancers, and cancer survivors.

The Delaware Charity Challenge Winter Games will take place Saturday, January 9, 2016. The Winter Games consist of an indoor triathlon and scooter challenge, along with the Winter Race to Raise fundraising competition.

Delaware Charity Challenge is a centralized fundraising and athletic competition designed to give participating charities and teams the ability to access all the benefits of participating in a fundraising event, such as a 5K, without incurring the same overhead costs and logistical nightmares commonly associated with putting such an event together internally. The result is that participating teams (and nonprofits) can concentrate their fundraising efforts in a fun and compelling way.

Delaware Charity Challenge is a win-win-win opportunity for any charity. Through the teams and the event itself, charities have the opportunity to raise money and awareness for their cause. Leading up to the event, teams will race to raise the most money for the charity of their choice. The charities that raise the most money will win additional prize money for their charity. On the day of the Delaware Charity Challenge, teams will race to win, and the winning teams will win additional money for their selected charities. Nonprofits are encouraged to build and promote their own teams and compete in one or more of the Delaware Charity Challenge events.

To help Steve, Derek, and Karl with their mission, click HERE

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Weekly Fit Tip – Share Your Dreams

Share your goals and dreams with your friends and family. Having the buy in from loved ones will make the process of becoming fit much more enjoyable. Perhaps you can workout with family members. If not, reach a fair and equitable compromise for time away from the house so that everyone can exercise and everyone can win.

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Weekly Fit Tip – Seize the Moment

Take advantage of any opportunity to get the body in motion. You never know when those opportunities may arise. Have a bag packed someplace accessible with the essentials so you can be ready to sneak in a quick workout.

Always be prepared. Avoid ever having to say, “If I only had workout clothes with me”.

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Happy Thanksgiving

I want to wish everyone a safe, healthy, and happy Thanksgiving and Holiday season. While it’s often easy to get pulled down by the many hurdles that we all face every day, the reality is, we all have a lot to be thankful for. On a personal level, this has been a challenging year. A year filled with loss, fear, change, grief, and crisis. But through it all, we somehow find a way. We adapt. We heal. We grow. We become stronger. We become more insightful with a heightened sense of perspective. And most importantly, we give thanks for everything that we do have and for our ability to navigate the storms. I wouldn’t trade my life with anyone’s. I’m a lucky guy, and I’m thankful in more ways than I could possibly bore you with here.

Whatever your journey, I wish you all the courage to start. The mettle to continue. The awareness to adapt. The willingness to change. The desire to give back. And the ability to appreciate.

Happy Thanksgiving

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Weekly Fit Tip – Set Measurable & Realistic Goals

Some people are Olympians. They have the genetic makeup and the resources to reach performance levels that most of us will never know. Don’t let the fact that we are not all Olympians limit your own dreams. Set measurable and realistic goals for yourself and don’t expect the same results as the pros you see on TV.

Be the best that you are capable of being. You may not ever be able to run a marathon in 2:06, but you can be a runner and you can run a marathon.

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