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The Olympian: An American Triumph

Muhammad Ali. Jackie Robinson. Dr. John Baxter Taylor, Jr. The first two names need no introduction. The latter, Dr. Taylor, may not have been a three-time World Heavyweight Champion or dominate in six World Series, but his accomplishments are stunning: Dr. Taylor was the first African American to win an Olympic Gold medal. Dr. Taylor is little known; his obscurity perpetuated further by the fact that the great Olympian Jesse Owens is often accredited with Dr. Taylor’s landmark Olympic achievement.
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Critical Training Data

In this age of high tech training aids, mechanisms, tracking devices, and feedback, I thought I would share a few of the more critical pieces of information from today’s run during lunch.
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At Some Schools, Running, Biking and Swimming Join the ‘Three Rs’

In an age where physical fitness program cuts appear to be on the rise within our school systems, maybe there is still hope for our kids. Check out what's happening in Maryland.
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How to Choose A Gym

The only assumption in this “how to,” article is that the reader is choosing to join a gym in order to get RESULTS. Results, in this definition, are stimulating improvement in good health and thus overall appearance. If the reader, however, is seeking to join a gym for purely social reasons, [...]
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“Butt” Wait …..

I borrowed this from Everyday Health. Want buns of steel? Then we have the perfect workout for you. Whether you think your glutes are too flabby or too flat, these tightening and toning circuit plans — one for standing exercises, one for mat exercises — will sculpt your glutes in no time. Perform [...]
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Chasing Truths… a few words on goal setting

So it’s that time of year again. It’s time for people to take some personal inventories and set some goals for themselves for the upcoming year. Those goals may come in a wide variety but I know that many people will focus on health and fitness related goals. In many of my circles, it’s all [...]
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2012 Endurance Sports Expo

The 2012 Endurance Sports Expo is a do not miss event for the endurance sports athlete! At ESE you will find the latest running gear, ride the hottest road and mountain bikes, see the newest tri products, find out about great events and non-profits, and learn from experts in the industry. As [...]
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St. Anthony’s Triathlon Announces New Swim Course

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. – Athletes will take on a fresh challenge at the 2012 St. Anthony’s Triathlon as race officials have permanently moved the open water swim portion of the race to an area of Tampa Bay north of North Shore Pool in St. Petersburg. The swim course will be 1.5K or .93 miles. The bike [...]
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Mallie’s Friends

It seems like a day doesn’t go by that I am not moved or touched in some way by someone’s story. Some stories make you laugh. Some stories bring a tear to your eye. Some warm your heart and some amaze and inspire you. Some make you curse reality and some make you want to [...]
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