Cabrini University Healing Mass

I have to tell folks about this because this is beyond cool and tugged on my heartstrings like you wouldn’t believe. I’ve spoken often about my Cabrini family which consists of lifelong friends, roommates, teammates, faculty, and staff. I’ve posted many stories about my experiences there and the amazing people I met. Cabrini was a special place which will always be thought of fondly. Yesterday I received a letter from Cabrini’s Director of Campus Ministry informing me that a healing mass had been requested for me by Dr. Candi Sicoli, Ph.D.

Dr. Sicoli was my psychology professor and someone I have remained in contact with through the years. She along with folks like Carter Craigie, Joe Romano, Father Jack McDowell, Jerry Zurek, Jolyon Girard, Gus Nicoletti, and Loup Langton were much more than educators and over the years our relationship has become even more meaningful. While we don’t talk often, every time I connect with one of them I am reminded that I went to an outstanding college filled with incredibly caring people who were and remain interested in their students as individuals as well as contributors to the greater good.

The healing mass is scheduled for Monday August 29th at 12:30 PM in the campus Chapel. Thank you Dr. Sicoli and the entire Cabrini University family.

Here is another fun and meaningful read about my Cabrini family: Descartes, Lennon, and a Priest.

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  1. Posted August 15, 2016 at | Permalink

    your in my thoughts and prayers. stay cool!

  2. Joseph Romano
    Posted August 17, 2016 at | Permalink

    Every time I hear from you, Steve, my mind goes back in time to a soccer game on a field that used to be a strawberry patch. I see a game decided by a shootout and won by a tall skinny kid in the goal with a lot of heart. I still draw inspiration from that experience, and never forgot it. Thanks for being you.

    Joe Romano

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