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Accel Triathlete Photo Contest

Can you please vote for me? Click here to cast your vote PacificHealth Laboratories is looking for a triathlete to become the next face of Accel® RECOVER, the first nutrition bar specifically designed for maximum muscle recovery. The grand-prize winner will be featured in a full-page ad that will appear in the January [...]
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New Tampa Double Ironman

Here is a very nice write up on Race Director Steve Kirby and his inaugural Tampa Florida double ironman. The Tampa double compliments Kirby’s two other races in Virginia consisting of both a double and a triple ironman. CLICK ME for the full story.
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Dear Everyone in the World

The below was actually sent via email to one person in response to some ”stuff” that said one person is going through. But as I reread it, I realized how universal the words are. So in the spirit of throwing out some positive encouragement to the universe … here you go. Apply as you see [...]
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Enough Already

It feels like we are on day 900 of 90 plus degree heat here in the metro Philly area. Apparently we are not alone as most of the country is sharing space in our Easy Bake Oven. My questions is, just how hot does it have to be for how long before the earth explodes? [...]
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Thank You for that Thank You

Every once in a while you come home to exactly the kind of email you need to read…..reaffirming words that tell you people hear you AND are listening and they care. I’ll keep it anonymous but I would like to share what I just received today. Not only did I immediately respond to this person’s email, [...]
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