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New Recruits

In recent weeks I have met a few amazing people who are now key foot soldiers in the war against cancers.
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Philadelphia Insurance Triathlon

This weekend is the big Philly Triathlon. I don’t race this one. Instead I wear multiple other hats including race staff and TNT coach. This is a national Team in Training event so the race raises significant dollars for the fight against blood cancers.
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Three Wise Men

There are three individuals however who have also played a very important role in who I have become. I initially wanted to talk about their impact on my athletic life, but looking back, at least two of men also played a key role in helping mold and shape the total person that became Steve Brown.
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Big Footprints

I ran a local 5k this morning. It’s been a long time since I have run a stand alone short race like that. It was a benefit for the late Brad Schoener, the Upper Darby band director who we lost in March and I have written about previously.
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My Cause and Thank You

Last night I was honored by the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society as their Team in Training "Volunteer of the Year". I have to say that the concept of receiving this award completely took my breath away. For many years I have been a big advocate of tying athletics with charitable causes. I have done events like the American Cancer Society’s and the MS rides for years. They started out simply as fun and cool ways to do events.
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The Power of a Thought

Some powerful words on dreaming and believing
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For those who are unaware of his legacy, I would like to introduce you guys to a true warrior in every respect. I would not be doing you justice if I didn't give you the chance to learn of this man and his mission.
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From Where I Sit

I am in a pretty good place; physically, mentally, emotionally, however you would like to measure "good place", I think I am there. My health is now excellent, but my diagnosis left me with a keen awareness of and an appreciation for a lot of things that I may have missed prior to February 24th, 2006.
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Now You Know

20 random and dumb facts about me. Not that you asked ….. but these popped into my head during my run and a few of them made me chuckle so thought I would share..
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An Ironman for an Officer

In January 2002, Upper Darby police officer Dennis McNamara was shot and killed while on duty. McNamara became the first officer killed in the line of duty in the town of Upper Darby. McNamara was a loving father, husband, musician, runner, good cop, and good man.
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