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Dear Tony

Dear Tony, As we all sit anxiously awaiting your test results, I want you to remember a few things. First of all, understand that you are one of the most genuine and sincere individuals I have ever known. Everyone knows that and everyone loves that about you. For 30 years I have had the honor of [...]
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What’s in a Name? Plenty.

Many people know that 5 years ago I adopted the name “RemissionMan”. Some people know some of the story of the name’s origin, but only a select few know the full details of that story. Since that name was given to me by my friend, Columbia Triathlon Association kingpin Rob Vigorito, I feel it is time to share more of the details here on this forum.
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Meaningful Milestones

Congratulations to an old friend of mine, Linda Rollo,  for reaching her five year mark and earning her official “survivor” status. Linda and I just happen to visit the same oncology practice and we ran into each other in the waiting room five years ago when we were both first diagnosed. In true warrior spirit, [...]
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Racing the Sunset

Don’t worry. You are not “normal”. I suspect you never were, and it’s unlikely that you ever will be and that’s a good thing. None of us are and we are proud to have you sit on the board of our abnormal council. The respect that I have for you as a triathlete is tremendous BUT it cannot hold a candle to the respect I have for you and your post competitive days and life outside of sport.
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