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Weekly Fit Tip – Seize the Moment

Take advantage of any opportunity to get the body in motion. You never know when those opportunities may arise. Have a bag packed someplace accessible with the essentials so you can be ready to sneak in a quick workout. Always be prepared. Avoid ever having to say, “If I only had workout clothes with me”.
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Happy Thanksgiving

I want to wish everyone a safe, healthy, and happy Thanksgiving and Holiday season. While it’s often easy to get pulled down by the many hurdles that we all face every day, the reality is, we all have a lot to be thankful for. On a personal level, this has been a challenging year. A [...]
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Weekly Fit Tip – Set Measurable & Realistic Goals

Some people are Olympians. They have the genetic makeup and the resources to reach performance levels that most of us will never know. Don’t let the fact that we are not all Olympians limit your own dreams. Set measurable and realistic goals for yourself and don’t expect the same results as the pros you see [...]
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Through Her Eyes

Here is the chapter in my book Relentless Mettle – My Cancer, My Rules written by my wife. She recalls her perspective on my leukemia diagnosis. As told by Mary Grace Brown. In 2005, we had an extremely difficult year.  Steve’s dad was experiencing increased shortness of breath and after being evaluated, he was found to have [...]
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Lost Brother

I want to wish all of my TNT brothers and sisters the best of luck in this weekend’s Philadelphia Marathon. As a 10 year survivor living with chronic leukemia and TNT triathlon coach, I deeply appreciate all that you are doing in support of the mission and applaud the giant steps you are taking in [...]
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Rewind – My Diagnosis

An excerpt by my book “Relentless Mettle – My Cancer, My Rules” I received my calling into the world of endurance sports in 1986 when a friend invited me to do a triathlon with him. I scrambled to borrow a bike and a helmet and had no idea what else to wear but was instantly drawn [...]
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Weekly Fit Tip – Have a Plan but Be Flexible

On the subject of exercise plans … yes, plans are good. Have a plan, but be flexible. Consider the plan to be your high level road map guiding you to your destination. But be prepared to react to those unexpected road closures and delays. An  adjustment to or deviation from your plan is not necessarily [...]
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The Thing About Derek

Many of you have been following the journey of Derek Fitzgerald. Derek is a Philadelphia area cancer survivor and a heart transplant recipient who has turned obstacle into opportunity, and limitation into victory. I first met Derek 4 years ago through The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Team in Training program where as a survivor living with [...]
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Weekly Fit Tip – Choose the Right Plan

Many people are overwhelmed at the concept of starting an exercise program. My advice to you is to keep it simple. There is a plan out there for everyone. By starting out with manageable goals there is a greater likelihood that you will stick to your plan. Strive for a balanced attack on fitness which [...]
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What This Stuff is About

I’m doing a talk for a local triathlon club early next year. Among the many points I hope will resonate is that this stuff isn’t about how many medals you collect or what your M-Dot tattoo looks like. It’s not about your time compared to someone else’s. It’s not about the price of your ride, how [...]
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