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15 Simple Ways To Improve Your Athletic Performance Right Now

This is a must read from our good friends at Hammer Nutrition.
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Survivor Story

In May 2004, Bill Crews finished the worst six months of his life. a competitive swimmer and coach, Crews had been training for his first triathlon when his shoulder got sore. He went to the doctor thinking he had torn a rotator cuff and came out learning he had cancer.
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Quote of the Week – #2

Finish each day and be done with it.
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Post-Life Survey

You know how you often need to complete a checklist after you have finished using, renting, borrowing, etc something ? And this checklist would basically attest to the condition in which you are returning whatever it is that you used. Well, I’m thinking that a post life survey checklist of some kind might be a good idea.
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Zohn to Field All-Star Team for ING NYC Marathon

Team to raise money to spread the message of its HIV/AIDS life-skills program in Africa
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Quote of the Week – #1

You are not here merely to make a living...
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A Family Affair

I looked around the room at the reception and I saw a truly united family or I guess I should say united families with no regard for race, nationality, religious background, beliefs, hair color, shoe size, dress size, or anything else.
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The Man, The Katalyst

If I have yet to introduce you to a friend of mine, I'd like to do so now. To know the "work" (play) of the Katalyst is to know creativity, compassion, energy, and brilliance. To know Kevin - the man - is to know someone extremely extraordinary in all that he is.
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Tragedy Drives Woman to Triathlon

After an undetected heart condition claimed the life of 38-year-old Joe Lyons during the 2007 Cohasset Triathlon, no one would have blamed Joe’s widow, Karen, if she distanced herself from the sport.
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ECCO Hits the Ground with New Running Shoe

I recently took an entirely new shoe concept for a test spin. ECCO is a Danish shoe manufacturer and an international leader in comfort shoes and they have launched a bold new running shoe concept with the release of their BIOM.
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