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Beautiful Things and New Beginnings

I always thought that I had everything and really didn’t feel like I needed or even wanted much in my life to keep me happy. Of course we will probably all always want something on some level, but you know what I mean… that stuff would all just be icing on top of a great life.
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An Abundance of Inspiration

As I approach the midway point of what is shaping up to be a very good and very full racing season, I have found myself in awe of a number of people for a number of different reasons...
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Transfer of Light

Keep this thought in mind through your travels. We are all born with an inner flame that radiates heat and warmth. We can control how we use it and we can control the intensity in which it burns.
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Resourceful Way to Remission

Three years ago, when Stephen Brown received an unexpected and fear-invoking diagnosis – cancer – he did what he does best – he got physical.
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Bruyneel’s Tweet

Johan Bruyneel had an excellent tweet on Twitter last week in between stages of the Tour de France.
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Almost an Ironman

I know I typically post my own thoughts here, but I'll make an exception in this case. This recap of Rhonda Cohen's near ironman experience is worthy of sharing. I have known Rhonda for a numbers of years and have followed, (or dare I say helped fuel) Ronda's passion and drive along the way. She has often called me a source of her inspiration. But her story is one of perseverance, drive, and overcoming what may seem impossible - or at least unlikely. Although Rhonda slightly missed the mark with this ironman attempt, she still epitomizes everything that a triathlete stands for and remains an inspiration for many women.
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American Cancer Society Bike Ride

This past weekend, several thousand riders took to the road for the 37th annual American Cancer Society’s bike ride. This ride travels from the foot of the Ben Franklin bridge to Buena New Jersey and is one of the best supported and organized rides in the area.
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Winding Down Vacation & More

This was already a special race because we were using it to recognize the late Brad Schoener, and Brad's wife and family were there to support and present the awards. Although I still don't feel my actions warrant an award, I am really touched that someone gave me a nod like that simply for doing what I love to do. So my point is - yes - you can make a difference simply by harnessing what you love to do.
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Words You Long to Hear

Just wanted to share one small blurb of an email that I received not too long ago from a friend who was recently diagnosed. These are words that every patient lives to be able to say.
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Elli Wolpe’s Words of Inspiration

I want to share with you the words of an inspirational speaker at one of our recent events. Her words are powerful and provide a reminder that we do make a difference in the lives of others.
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