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ACS HEALED & West Chester U

I recently appeared on a webinar discussing exercise and cancer. This was a collaboration beteen The American Cancer Society and West Chester University. The entire segment is 30 minutes long and I come in at 9:35. Click HERE to watch!!
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I’m on TOP

Last week I had a follow up with my oncolodoc. My blood work continues to behave and is responding exactly as hoped now being on the targeted therapy drug Ibrutinib for 5 months to treat my chronic lymphocytic leukemia. The road to “normalcy” continues but for all intents and purposes I FEEL no evidence of [...]
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Funk #9 & All Things Must Pass

I worked out last night. That was a little humbling. The first few minutes were actually pretty demoralizing but I finished the workout on a much more positive and promising note. I felt like the first few minutes were needed to prime the pump and flush out some impurities. Here’s hoping I can keep that [...]
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Battle Cry at the Park – It’s a Very Real Thing

I wanted to elaborate a little more on my cancer treatment hill climb and battle cry that you may have seen this week. There is definitely a meaningful history to that and I’m very happy that it’s grown into even more. The venue is the Veterans Memorial Park on Lawrence Road in Marple Township.  The [...]
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Round One Decision Goes to – ME

Today's Rituxan infusion went off without a hitch. My favorite nurse took good care of me and we actually finished a little earlier than expected. Rituxan needs to be infused very slowly with me to avoid a number of negative reactions so i expected to be much later than we were. I am happy to report that all went well. I feel just a little beat up this evening but this should pass overnight.
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Hit Me Again

I had an appointment with my oncolodoc the other day. This one was at my request because some of my Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia symptoms that reappeared a few months ago and were previously tamed by the steroid decadron are back again. And we knew that the steroids would probably only be a temporary solution before we would need to call in some bigger guns and take a few doses of some chemo. We just weren't sure how temporary.
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A Little Bundle of BIG Courage

One look into the eyes of this child and you will be swept away. Read her story and you will be amazed that such strength and courage can come in such a small package. My good friends Tim and Midge Kerr will be dedicating their Splash N' Dash event this weekend in Avalon to the Love family. I will have an opportunity to meet Taylor and her family on Saturday and am looking forward to witnessing first hand the contagious spirit that defines Taylor Love. I will have plenty more to share next week, but wanted to give you a glimpse ...
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Words You Long to Hear

Just wanted to share one small blurb of an email that I received not too long ago from a friend who was recently diagnosed. These are words that every patient lives to be able to say.
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From Where I Sit

I am in a pretty good place; physically, mentally, emotionally, however you would like to measure "good place", I think I am there. My health is now excellent, but my diagnosis left me with a keen awareness of and an appreciation for a lot of things that I may have missed prior to February 24th, 2006.
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Why I Do What I Do

I am conviced that there are so many "reasons" for my leukemia diagnosis and more importantly, there are reasons that have drivien me to do the things that I have done as a result of my diagnosis. I may not always know what those reasons are, but the people that I have been able to connect with are too many to mention or even count. I wanted to take a minute and share just a couple of examples of people who have found me or stumbled upon me
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