Keeping Demons at Your Back

When I was diagnosed my treatment protocol was one week of chemo then three weeks off. I repeated that for four treatment cycles initially and then had some maintenance treatments every six months for two years. I have always been a fitness junkie so I was a little unsure how treatments would impact my lifestyle – which could have had a pretty negative impact on me emotionally. Luckily, my doctor and I “reached an agreement” (more on that someday) and he allowed me to continue to train through and in between treatments as long as I felt good. When I was tired, I promised I would rest. But when I felt good – I worked out.

Since I was treated as an out patient, I often ran back home after my chemo treatments. Part of it was to try to control SOMETHING in a relatively uncontrollable situation. Part of it was just to try to stay fit. But part of it was also to send a message to the cancer that I was not going to lay around the house and be a victim. This ended up being a very empowing move which I am sure aided my swift remission. Granted not everyone is a runner, but simply walking and moving or doing something during an illness and treatment can help keep you balanced and focused. And that sense of emotional well being and stability has to have a positive effect on your overall healing process.

Get out and move.Enjoy the moment, the day, the scenery, whatever. Just do yourself a favor and get active. It is one of the most effective methods of therapy around ! And it’s FREE.

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