Slow Down and See More

One of the points that I made while speaking at the pre race pasta dinner at the New Jersey Marathon was how different your scenery and surroundings look when you run down a road versus when you drive a car down that same road.

When you run down a road, even one you are quite familiar with, you notice things for the first time; a hidden driveway, a screened in porch, a side street, a dog pen, children playing, a couple on a porch swing…. whatever. You SEE things for the first time because you have slowed down to a pace in which you are actually capable of comprehending and understanding what it is that you are seeing. You miss alot when you fly down a road at 60 MPH.

Well, you miss alot when you live your life at 60 MPH too. Slow down. Enjoy the road. Wave to the couple on the porch. High-five the kids. And pet the dog. It makes the journey that much sweeter.

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