Don't Forget Your Chocolate

OK, I don’t mean chocolate as in the cocoa product. I mean chocolate in terms of doing special something for yourself that you love and are passionate about that also fills a void, and satisfies a need, or a sweet tooth. I’m talking about whatever it is that you do that is your “go to” thing to keep you emotionally balanced and on track. Everyone needs something.

By now you all know that my chocolate involves some sort of swimming, biking, or running. (And writing, coaching, speaking, working with kids, or mentoring.) These are the things that I need. These are the things that satisfy my sweet tooth. Take them away from me for a brief period of time and a void is left behind that leaves me restless, uneasy, and a little depressed. Take them away from me for a longer period of time and the consequences could be worse. However, one of my strengths is the ability to adapt. So, I suppose, if faced with a dire situation, I would be able to find some replacement chocolate, but I prefer not to think in those terms.

You can’t plod on day after day dealing with life and all of the issues associated with life without a little chocolate. And it really doesn’t matter what form your chocolate takes. Whether you run, bike, rock climb, knit, bird watch, skydive, or cook …. Go do it.

And most importantly, enjoy it.

We all need some chocolate.

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