Finding Your Way

It’s so easy to just fumble along and go with the flow without really understanding where you are headed or why. It’s almost like we travel through our lives as if in a maze, always looking for “the way” through it. And as long as we find a path, we take it without really trying to figure out if there is another path or another way that might be better than the one we have chosen.

But I guess as long as you get to the end of the maze, unscathed and without any harm done to yourself or others, then everything is OK. As long as we learn and try to improve along the way.

And then sometimes you DO realize that there is a better path or a better way but you just can’t get to it. The path is blocked somehow either through a very real closure, or one manifested in your own head. Then what do you do?

Then you are faced with the dilemma of how to compensate the best way you can while you continue to work through the better way and the blocked path. You have to figure out how badly you really want or need to find a way around the blocked path. Do you give up on it? Do you fight through it? I think the worst solution is to just sell out and take an easier path but one that is clearly not the best path. I think that leaves most people feeling hollow and unfulfilled.

And then of course there is the climate and the environment in which we live. That too has an impact on how we view our chosen path. What feels right or wrong today can change in the blink of an eye as life happens all around us. These events can lead us into a passive redirection of sorts or allow us to be ok with where we are.

I guess through it all you just need to have a general idea where the heck you want to end up. And if you don’t, it’s OK. But just ask that as you find that direction you make sound and sensible judgments and decisions. And if you don’t, find the lessons learned in those mistakes and do not repeat them.

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