He Said, He Said

Below is a recent conversation that has kept me busy with myself.

Self: You do know you are racing an ironman in 3 days, right?

Other self: Yes, I do recall such event.

Self: And why do you continue to do this again?

Other self: Hmmmm…. I DON’T FRIGGIN KNOW !!!

Self: Have you been training?

Other self: I’m sorry. Could you repeat the question? No, don’t. I heard you (me). Yes and no. I have been training. I have a good base and my health is excellent. The problem is I have been so preoccupied in recent months with my job search that I haven’t had time to do the necessary mental preparation that this race requires. And I may be a tad undertrained.

Self: I see. So what are you going to do about the situation?

Other self: Well, for starters, I landed a good job at JPMorgan Chase and will start on 9/30. So I can at least race without that hanging over my head. So the last couple of days have been a mad scramble to get things ready for the race…. bags packed….. nutrition nailed down….. travel logistics finalized…. etc etc. So now I guess I can close my eyes a little and envision how the next few days will play out.

Self: It sounds like you have a handle on it more so than you realize.

Other self: I guess so. It’s funny but I spend so much time talking other athletes off of their own ledges before a race, I sort of left myself out there and exposed on this one!

Self: You will do fine. Control the things that you can control and give the rest up. Race safe, race smart. Pay attention to your hydration and nutrition. Thank the volunteers and embrace the fact that you are even doing this race. Don’t set the bar too high as the weather forecast doesn’t look great. Just enjoy the day and race for the many people who are struggling or are no longer with us. You’re only goal should be to finish – and be happy.

Other self: Thanks, got it. But do I have to be happy the entire race? Because….. that ain’t reality!!

Self: Shush. You’ll do great. Try to keep people posted. It was nice chatting with you, now give our brain a rest.

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