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Every once in a while I hear from a Team in Training prospect who may be a little fearful or apprehensive about signing up  for the program for any number of reasons. While just about everyone understands the benefit to others and how they can save and change lives, some people are just nervous about taking on the challenge.

I actually love hearing from those people. And I love signing them up and watching them transform themselves into triathletes and crossing the finish line a new person. I sent the below email to one such prospect. My comments are pretty universal so I thought I would share with everyone.


I am always happy to talk about the sport, and the program. And take an even greater and vested interest in those that might be a little apprehensive about some aspect of the event. I understand those feelings. I also know that we take pride in working with people to overcome those feelings. I have seen so many people come though the program with slight fears or concerns. I can’t tell you how good it feels for me to watch them grow from week to week and gain a little more confidence and then share with them that feeling of crossing the finish line.

Being a little nervous is an even BIGGER reason to sign up. The benefits that you will derive through this journey are far greater than the sport of triathlon. You will develop a sense of self and confidence that will trickle down to all aspects of your life. I have found that many too many people live their lives in a relatively small comfort zone. And they live their lives and all is “just fine”. BUT sometimes we need more. Sometimes, “just fine” isn’t enough. Sometimes we need to push the edges of that comfort zone and when we do, we discover a completely different world, and a side of ourselves that we never knew existed.

This  triathlon program has three dedicated coaches, all of whom feel exactly the way I do. We take pride in making you into a triathlete.

Don’t do this for any other reason, besides wanting to grow as a person.

Feel free to ask me anything you like!

Hope to see you  at Kick Off


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    You hit it again Steve! Yup – TNT and the tri are all amazing and wonderful ways to to stretch the boundaries of our comfort zones and that is what life is all about. Staying in a place where we are comfortable is “fine”, but isn’t living……….

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