Some Days

Some days I just want to be a 10 year old and ride my bike all day, then have a catch with my dad on the front lawn. Those two memories are so vivid for me. And in reality, the bike riding part never left me, but today I ride for different reasons. As a kid my bike was my everything. It was my buddy and my primary means of transportation in many cases. I can picture every detail of every bike I ever had, including the green borrowed Schwinn that I was on the first time I shed those training wheels.

Your bike was your freedom. And to some extent, not much has changed.

Having a catch with my dad however is a treasured memory that I yearn for so much sometimes that it hurts. Baseball was my first organized sport. Basketball and soccer followed closely behind. And soccer stuck with me for many years even post college.

But baseball was my first. It’s also the one that I have been away from the longest which I guess is another reason why I miss it so much. And keep in mind that I played before the big “parent pitch”, and T-ball booms. So, prior to organized team play which began at 8 or 9 years of age, you had your friends at the playground and if you were lucky, you had a dad who was eager to teach you the fundamentals of American’s game.  I had my friends, and my dad.

Still have lots of friends. Even some of the same ones I had then. But I so miss my dad.

Happy Fathers Day everyone.

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  1. Ken Binder
    Posted June 15, 2012 at | Permalink

    Just found you while looking for “first half iron man stories”. Wish that you lived in Eastern NC. I’d offer to have a catch with you, also one of my fondest memories with my dad.

    Doing the DIY Tri training thing right now. I have a recent knee injury that we’re working on. Best thing about the knee injury………… gives me more time to Swim and Bike.

    Also kicked the Monster’s tail last year. Good blood work results keep coming
    We’ll find a way to always keep moving forward!!!!

  2. Steve
    Posted June 16, 2012 at | Permalink

    Thanks for the note Ken! If you are ever in the Philly/NJ/DE area look me up. And bring your glove.

    Safe training.

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