Hello Again Dex

OK, here we are. Day two of round four of decadron treatment. As with my previous treatments, I have all kinds of weird energy that I’m not sure how to control. One minute I want to start five projects at once (and I have) but a few minutes later, I’m annoyed, anxious, hungry, have a headache, and I start to crash a little. Didn’t sleep much Monday night. We’ll see what tonight brings.

But the bottom line is, the stuff is doing the trick. My CLL symptoms remain in safe check and we are finishing out this last round with the HOPE of not visiting this again in the near future. I will check in with the doc in mid July and then hopefully will be able to go back to semi annual blood checks.

In the meantime, I am shore bound next week for a little vacaton time. And this silly disease and all that comes with it will be the furthest thing from  my mind. My energy will be spent on enjoying life. With plenty of family and friends time, plenty of relaxing time, and plenty of training. If anyone is going to be down and wants to swim, bike, or run, drop me a line.

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