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A few new things have shaken out this week. For starters, my Team in Training coaching buddy, Todd Wiley who has had the Eastern Pennsylvania triathlon team since 1999 and who I have been partnering with since my diagnosis in 2006 is stepping down from the head coaching helm. This is a tough pill to swallow for me because one of the best parts of my TNT gig has always been the camaraderie of the coaching trio.

After several conversations with Todd, and The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society staff, I agreed to step in and assume head coaching responsibilities. The main reason is that I just have way too much invested in the program, and in LLS to trust someone else to come in and take over. I know Todd won’t be too far away and I am certainly not losing Todd as a friend, but his presence at practice will certainly be missed. Todd’s last event will be the Philadelphia TriRock Triathlon in June. (The former Philadelphia Insurance Triathlon). Our third musketeer, Kenny Modica will remain onboard with me. I will eventually decide if I want to bring on a 3rd person. Maybe that’s something to think about for next year. For  a little more on the trio of Todd, Ken, and Steve, click HERE.

And on that note, I was asked to speak at this year’s TNT Inspirational dinner the weekend of the Philadelphia TriRock Triathlon. I have spoken at this event a handful of times and always look forward to it. This event will be bitter sweet for me since it will be Todd’s last event with us.  Being the guest speaker will give me the opportunity to not only share my story but also to say a few words about Todd (If I were Todd, I would be very worried). I know we will make this event and dinner something special. I would love to get our TNT national coaching guru, good buddy, and Ironman legend Dave Scott to come east for that weekend. More on this event and weekend to come!

Next, I was selected to be a Philadelphia market Brand Ambassador for Gatorade. I am looking forward to representing Gatorade at upcoming expos, events, etc. The great thing for me is that I will be able to secure product for events and activities that are already on my calendar and I will be doing anyway so in some respects there is very little additional effort involved in this relationship.

I think that’s it for now. Stay tuned for more fun.

Tran safe, race smart, and thank the volunteers.

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    So happy to read of all your new adventures. Hope they all add to the joy of your life!


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