Health Check

I just wanted to give everyone a quick health update so you all get the same message at the same time. The back story is that I had routine blood work and a CT scan done over the last couple of weeks. My blood work showed an elevated white count with a higher concentration of lymphocyte cells. The CT scan revealed that the majority of my lymph nodes are again enlarged and on the move. Those in the neck, chest, armpit, groin, etc. are all showing signs of growth.  And of course my tonsils are huge again. SO….. We are opting to go through some more treatment.

IMG_20130906_0093352This time the plan is to use the same drug we have had success with – Rituxan, a.k.a “The Smart Bomb” but in a much higher dose and administered just once per month but over several months. Accompanying the Rituxan will also be a high dose of the steroid Decadron (which will drive me completely but temporarily insane).  First one is scheduled for 9/30.

I still have a few races on the calendar through the remainder of the year and will schedule treatments around them to try to remain in motion as best I can! I have every intention of racing and training through treatment.

As usual, none of this is private or personal so if anyone asks, that’s the story. It’s just another speed bump in the journey. And so the wheel turns.

I will keep you posted. Twitter, facebook, and my website are the best places to stay updated. Find / follow / connect with me there if we you aren’t  already.

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