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Well it looks like my calendar is going to be pretty busy in the coming months. Next up is Ironman Maryland on September 20th. As some of you know, this is the old Chesapeakeman race recently purchased by the WTC. I’m looking forward to doing this race under the M-Dot umbrella and comparing it to its previous state of independence.  I was contacted my Ironman’s Dave Downey and it looks like I will be one of their featured athletes who will have their story told at the welcome reception and then followed around throughout race weekend with a camera. No pressure.

Thanks to Comcast for permitting use of my Net Impact story during the banquet. I’m also racing “IM Crabby” as part of Team Inspiration in support of cancer warriors everywhere. While I hope I don’t screw this up, I take stock and pride in the fact that we are building memories through our adventures and in turn inspiring others. That makes it all worthwhile.

I also received an invite to race the Marine Corp Marathon on October 25th also as an honored patient warrior with Team Inspiration. I’ve never raced MCM but it’s always been on my short list. Thanks to Team Inspiration for extending the offer to join them, and be honored. One of the reasons I jumped on Marine Corp is because I was undecided about racing the NYC marathon this year and was leaning towards not racing it. HOWEVER, the universe has a wonderful way of providing you with answers just by remaining open to her options. Last night, I received the below email from my good buddy Ethan Zohn:


I hope you are well. Sarah and I spoke today and we think you should run with Grassroot Soccer for the NYC Marathon on November 2nd. In addition, we would love to make you an honorary captain and have you speak at the pre-race dinner about your inspirational journey, your love for GRS and visiting the program in Africa. Do you think this would be something you want to do with us?

Let me know your thoughts,


How does one possibly say no to THAT? That’s an easy answer. One can’t and doesn’t say no to supporting his friend’s charity for the 6th straight year. And in true and consistent fashion, my wife wholeheartedly agreed so we toasted and said “let’s do it”. So, I will race Marine Corp and NYC marathons a week apart, and a month after Ironman. It’s all about making a difference, making memories, and appreciating all of the opportunities this life affords you. I will be fundraising for Grassroot Soccer and our HIV/AIDS efforts in Africa. More on that will follow.

Stay tuned for some great stories and pictures of some great races, and causes.

And lastly, my next book is nearing completion. It will be a much more comprehensive view of my leukemia journey and all of life’s intersections along the way. Triathlon legends Karen Smyers and Dave Scott will be contributing their thoughts in the book as well. I will keep you posted.

A glimpse:

As I reconciled everything that I was experiencing, I made a few key decisions that both kept me sane and at the same time changed my life. One was to practice the simple adage of controlling the things I could control. I couldn’t control the diagnosis. But I could control a lot of how I reacted to that diagnosis. In that respect, my thought process was exactly the same as it is on race day. I drew many parallels between the challenges I was facing with the disease and the challenges we all face in sport, and in life. Another critical decision I made was to remain in motion.  I have learned through the years that I am always happiest when I am moving. I’ve never known if I am running towards or away from something, but when I am moving, I am whole. It is more than just a way to stay in shape. It is how I have always coped and it is my therapy. So I held onto that and kept up my training through my treatments – often running home from chemo. I made it part of a game. I challenged the disease back and made up some of my own rules of engagement.

Train safe, race smart, and thank the volunteers.

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    Very cool developments. You’ve entered Beast Mode!

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    Great to hear Stephen. Keep it rolling.

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