Power Port Ready to Roll

I feel the same way today as I do the day before a big race. Introspective, edgy, nervous, but excited for race day. It seems odd to say that the day before chemo but, so be it. I’m ready to roll. On Friday I had my Power Port inserted on the right side of chest near my clavicle which is ready for its first use tomorrow morning. My day first needs to begin with a 7:00 am PET Scan which requires a 4 hour fast. Ouch. I don’t fast well. I like food.

Power PortFollowing the PET Scan, we will head over to check in with my oncologist and review blood work, CT, and PET Scan results and then head over to the chemo suite for a very long day of infusion. The good thing about Monday is that Tuesday will be a much shorter day. Translation – there ain’t much good about Monday other then the gratification of finally getting this treatment train rolling.

So today is a chill and mental prep day.  I may have to visit my dad’s Memorial Park and do a battle cry lap around the field. Just for good measure.

I guess that’s it for now. More commentary from ring side tomorrow.

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