IM Lake Placid 70.3 Recap


I went a little dark immediately following the Lake Placid race but thought it was appropriate to share a quick update of my race with you. First of all – I’m ok. But I did have a disappointing day. The cold water temps and even colder air temps at the start presented a lot of problems for me with both muscle spasms in the low back and presented the perfect formula to trigger my condition induced asthma. That asthma thing doesn’t present itself often but when it does, it can be very problematic with breathing. Feeling those symptoms in the water forced me to stop often to try and breathe. Translation = missed the swim cut off by 2 minutes.

As I exited the water to a road block of orange cones and hearing the words “I’m sorry, your day ends here”, I was in a pretty bad emotional place. I made my way to the warming tent for a little bit not because I was cold, but more because I needed a place to privately “lose my stuff” before regrouping with my family who were eagerly awaiting my swim finish.

14498876-BE14-44F5-94CA-CBFD44717266Even after 30 years of racing, these things still sting. HOWEVER….., we all know that stuff happens. And the stuff doesn’t define us as much as our reaction to it. The rest of the day and next several days proved to be very memorable as we thoroughly enjoyed Lake Placid with our kids and grand kids. Including a hike of Mt. Jo and a visit to a couple of breweries. We created some more amazing memories in the gorgeous town of LP. And for that, I am very grateful.

If any of your are racing IMAC 70.3 this weekend, I will be running the 1st run aid station coming out of transition. I’ll wear a Team IMF cap, so yell hi on your way through. Next up for me is NYC marathon.

It was a pleasure connecting with some of you and an honor to represent the Ironman Foundation. Congratulations to all finishers. THANK YOU to all volunteers and supporters, and Peace to all.

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