Standing for Something

This morning I learned the sad news that Jason Kilderry had passed away. Many of you know him as the exuberant exercise science fanatic and multisport coach out of New Jersey. Jason was in love with the work he and his staff at ETA did and took a personal and vested interest in the successes (and happiness) of all of his clients, colleagues, and friends. In the fall, Jason was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of cancer with limited treatment options. While this prognosis would have dampened the spirits of many people, it lit a fire under Jason. On September 30th, I received the following message from Jason:

“Hey Brother!

I hope you’re crushing cancer, and inspiring people as always. I wanted to reach out to you to see if I could pick your brain about something. If that is cool feel free to text or call anytime that works for you. I look forward to chatting brother.”

jason kilderryI called Jason right away and had the first of what would be a few phone and text conversations. During our first chat, Jason informed me of his diagnosis. He was still in the hospital and had not yet gone public with the news. The thing he wanted to “pick my brain” about was how he can use his new diagnosis to positively influence others. He wanted to connect with organizations and opportunities that can help other patients and their loved ones. He wanted to attack this thing head on will full steam and momentum.

I made some connections for him and we had some great conversations on remaining positive and setting examples for others to follow but time was not on Jason’s side. His recent decline didn’t allow him to do a fraction of the things he wanted to do on this front. But I think it’s important for people to know that understanding how he can use his situation to benefit others was first and foremost on Jason’s mind straight out of the gate.

Jason Kilderry, your spirit will be missed but never forgotten. And your mission will continue on.

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